Thanks a lot! Bunch of a holes


You guys are dispicaple! I was checking all of my noob accounts for daily coin missions and noticed that new accounts only have to raise their player level to 15 to get am ascendable! WHAT ABOUT THE RWST OF US WHO HAD TO GRIND SURVIVAL ROAD!



By grind survival road I think you mean use free energy over one event.


Nice photoshop


its not, i have that mission in a beta account


Beta… exactly


because i don`t play in other regions


This is a non-issue. Noob accounts still need the medals and fodder to ascend. The characters are also all pretty average. These ascendables were easy for everyone to get


Really? Quite strange. This mission has not appeared in any of my regions. I checked my noob account and all I see is this:


This is from beta, i`ll start a new region to see if its the same there too



Looks like i had a newer account in a region that i forgot about, its based on lvls here too


Negan rapido? A mi me salía la del monopatin


What a cry baby.

Who cares if the requirement is different.

Not like you don’t have access to this at all.


im happy that i got sandy then


I asked him to verify what replaced the ascendable Sr milestone and my comment disappeared lol


Actually that negan is much better una noob region than sandy. He’s got a good five star leader skill. Not everyone will be able to ascend that toon right away.


Look at the flip side, though. You were able to put together a team that was viable in war with 4* s. The game has progressed, and it’s no longer possible for newer players to wait six months or longer for their first 5*.


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