Thankless job, for which I thank you


Ya’ll are a bunch of mean people attacking Shane for everything that is is wrong. If you have a job, and don’t just lurk on the forums & play TWD all day, I would like for you to think about what you do. Then look around your building, dungeon, street corner, where ever it is that you work. See that person with a better office, better lighting in the dungeon (dammit, man, why do they get a window, even if it has bars!), better flow of traffic on the street corner… and do you say the things to them that you say here? If you have a job, you’d get fired. If you are in the dungeon, then you’d end up in the pit (it puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again!), if you are on the street corner, then you’d probably end up with a shiv.

Trust me, I get as frustrated as everyone with the reward changes, the lack of information,damn near everything that goes wrong. But at the end of the day, this is a game. No one is forcing you to play it. No one is forcing you to spend money (annoying pop-ups are just that, annoying pop-ups, not a direct withdrawal from your credit card or bank account). Why can’t you be at least appreciative of what Shane is trying to do, she has made great strides in improving pretty much every aspect of communication. She is just the messenger.

Lighten up on the hate. There is absolutely no reason for these forums to turn as toxic as the old ones.




I think people are more mad that they’re catching her in lies more than anything. Can’t be thankful for that.


Are they lies, or things that she was told by someone else, and passed on in good faith, then the powers that be above her changed things?

There is a huge difference.


I got here late… but is it a lie if she meant what she said, but the story was changed behind her back and she had to retract the promise? Because I gather thats whats happened. You can’t hold someone accountable for things outside their control?




I’m just saying from what I have been seeing on the forums. As a person that represents us, that takes are voices, concerns and ideas to the live ops team and then just fed their lies to us, can she really be trusted? Just food for thought. I’m not looking to crucify her, I imagine it’s a rough job. It’s not easy to deal with people in person, she has deal with people on the internet. Yikes!


It’s not her that is the issue. You just make her the issue. She passes on what she knows when she knows it. Then, “Oh, shit, Joe was sick, hung over, whatever, he was going to finishing coding X to put Y into play, so now we have to change to Z instead of Y!”

In my job, I bounce from project to project, and the scope changes daily, sometimes hourly. I am not a drone who sits there an inputs data, asks if you want fries with that, etc. Plus, like I stated on old forums, I was a volunteer dev on an emulation server for an MMORPG. In those days, if I had a fix, I had to get permission from the lead Dev before putting it in. If he was sick, tired, hungover, just plain pissy, it didn’t matter if I had 50 petitions about the issue, it waited. Until he approved it. Then YAY! I got to FIX STUFF!

Shane is a Community Manager. She’s not a coder. She doesn’t put the oh so pretty events in, doesn’t set the rewards. She gets info, passes it on. Then gets to listen to you bitch when that hungover asshat didn’t show up so it didn’t happen.


Like i said, I’m not “bitching” I’m just observing what people are saying. I’m neutral in the matter. I think she works very hard at her job. I’m not against her, it’s scopley live ops team fault, but I’m also not a boot-licker and say what’s on my mind on what I observe and feel.


@kero - Hear Hear. I am from a coding background and advise to not shoot the messenger. The problem is at the top and we live through it. Perhaps a clown perhaps a visionary - time will tell.


Please direct your virtue signalling elsewhere Kero.

I’m sure you can find a new dogpile shaming campaign on Twitter everyday.

Here we focus on real concerns with the game and Scopely which is why we are so toxic and negative.

If they want us to be nice to Shane, they need to make their game better rather than worse.

That said, you are absolutely right: Oreos are overrated.


@Kero who then is accountable for her words AFTER the fact then? When she put faction level up on the calender and its solo. Did she apologize, or does she come on seemingly nonchalant pushing the “subject to change line”? This is the same…How can you defend someone when you don’t know the other side? Why assume it’s not her? Did anyone from live ops ever say it was their fault? Did anyone from development take the blame? Did Albert Wei ever say he gave the call for the continued declining rewards? What proof do you have that she has taken anything to anyone that could do something about it? She doesn’t need you or any other non scopely member to defend her integrity. That’s not something that anyone on the forums can destroy, integrity is that of the owner to destroy on their own.


This stupid thread should be shut down, she is the face on the forum, her job is to hear what the community have to say, who else will the players talk to if not her, she represents scopely here so when we speak to kalishane we are speaking to scopely.


Do you get thanked at your job? Nope the pay check is your thanks.


You realize she came on here and actually asked us to stop complaining and instead offer her suggestions right? Pathetic.


Personal attacks on Shane is unnaceptable however, fact based feedback on her/scopely professional failing is legit. She is paid to take the flak, that’s her job some people are paid to clean toilets but I won’t stop taking a duke because of it! Again… Personal NOT cool but game related very cool


What’s a personal attack? Calling her a liar? Please. Get over it. She’s in the business of customer service.





She’s the head of the company. The company that keeps doing everything wrong. What can she expect?

You can be the nicest person in the planet but if you work for the wrong business… deal with it or quit.


I am in the camp of people that think she is trying to do a good job. However either she isn’t doing it very well and continues to misunderstand what she is being told by others, or she is continuously getting fed incorrect information.

Quite honestly it doesn’t really mater which one of those is the case, it shows a complete lack of professionalism at Scopely to have the ability to get incorrect information out into the public domain on quite so many occasions.

I agree personal attacks on anybody are not cool, but almost all of what I read is people bitching about how incompetent the company is at running a game that people like. that is perfectly justified and quite honestly deserved recently.