Thank you very much! for your time

Hello, first of all thank everyone for the changes made in the game, and for the time to resolve any of our doubts,@Kalishane @Shawn.Scopely @CombatDevIl @Dash @CombatMan @Foxtrot @Illya.Swan @Motz @TayTron @TheWalkerDude

1.- Will more 5 * be added to the wheels?

  • Will they be ascendables?

  • Within how much time?

2.- will another list of old 5 * ascendables be created?

  • when will we have more information about this?

3.- Will the weapons wheels be modified?

  • and when would it be?

4.- Will new characters be added to route supplies?

  • Will they be ascendables?

5.- When will the new missions of the world map be released?

I really thank you in advance for your answers


You are legit a troll.

Everything he asked will be modified eventually. Weapon wheels are next to be updated according to Agrajag.


MAYBE two…maybe…of thoes things get updated in the next year. Scopley doesn’t care about making lists or calendars or story mode stages, it’s all about events and premier toons but just keep waiting :slight_smile:

Oops. Misread. Sorry about that