Thank You to the developers


Many of you know i have posted multiple times about cheats in our region, often posting clear evidence of this happening, well today scopley acted and removed the final 2 after removing one on Friday, So these guys I posted about here A brief history of cheats in Our region are all gone. For the past 2 months we havent been able to win a single solo event they have won them all
So a big THANK YOU must go to the devs and @kalishane for helping in getting rid of them


Goes a long way to restoring faith, at least for me. Game issues aside, cheats in our region was my dealbreaker.

Much <3 right now Scopely! Thank you :slight_smile:


Let’s keep it going scopley!




Congrats man!


Coosa just had another ban wave :grin: a lot more gone this time


Curious whom. Just played them in crw.


Darkside is now down to 20 members and some accounts that popped up after last ban right before CRW are gone as well


Well done scopely finally getting rid of hackers and cheaters after months of reporting.


I think that the screenshots, in-game chat shots, and the team/weapon screen grabs really helped them to narrow down the issue. Posts like those are always a lot more helpful than vague posts about cheaters. Keep it up!

:boom: :hammer:


Kicker of ass, the doctor, minxy, unsure of anyone else this wave but quite a few left after those three were banned


Those tier 4 rosters were the only reason it was even a close race. Lol. Glad we held them to third as I’m sure they were instrumental in getting top rewards for such a long time.

I look forward to a healthier Coosa region for you all and hope it spurs new competion.


It will definitly give the top factions a fair fight for first now, just hoping measures will be put in place to prevent cheating further


Speaking of cheaters…

Hopefully something can be done about him and the faction @kalishane

Edit 1:

Just to show it’s the same person because he changed his name to remi NG


Thats not really a cheater lol.

We fought in the CRW against a Japanese Server. Hell yea that was awful. The Whole Server had weapons better then the one you posted.


They admitted buying off of vk because one of the screenshot says, “it’s not cheating if you spend money for it” It’s also a pretty young region.


It could have been Sarcasm?


The person is also Prestige 8 with all this too…so


Thats awesome, congratulations on getting them cleaned out of your region! Hopefully much more fun there now.

So glad this issue is finally being sorted. Its the #1 game ruiner in my opinion.