Thank you, sincerely

The player base requested a lot of changes and I see that Scopely started to listen. Changes have been made and although they don‘t find my 100% approval in every point I am content to see the overall improvement. Since the beginning of 2018 the game is more interesting to play again. My personal favorite is the switch from solo level up to sr tournament yesterday because level ups needed to be shortened urgently in my opinion. For all this my gratitude to @Agrajag @kalishane and everybody else who tries their best for us players.




Always has to be an outlier…


Whales would never agree to be nerfed. They paid good money for their super teams after all. I’m f2p S5+ with zero p2p toons and I don’t want to be nerfed either, lol.

Matchmaking has to stop pairing teams that have zero chance against the top teams. It’s that simple if you want to keep the smaller factions playing. No one wants to face the top teams back to back and get slaughtered. They stop playing because no chance to win is boring.

Level up’s need to be limited to one time a week. Enough is enough already. No one likes them and no one want’s them besides scopes and the whales that aparently spend on them.


They make the rest of us feel safe in the middle.
2018 had been a bit of an improvement but 9.3 has been a backward step imo. I like that they’re doing some tidy up behind the scenes but they still seem to introduce a bug or irritation for each one they remove. And things they fix don’t stay fixed so the list is ever expanding.

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In my opinion, small positive changes pale insignificance to broken, misleading and forgotten features and promises.

Nothing has changed, not really.

Useless feature after useless feature whilst legacy ones are forgotten entirely.

The devs claim they need constant new features to push engagement yet i’m sure a large percentage of us would be happily engaged with features already in game if the time was spent fixing them and listening to our feedback.


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Defense is basically irrelevant anyway. Attacking speed and coordination carry the day and they still would if they did that. The current top factions would still win because the majority of the best players in each region join up to win. Everyone always thinks the top factions just win cause of coins or premier recruits but I’m in a top faction that has only lost 1 crw so far and I rarely spend anymore and don’t have any premier recruits except Erika.

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Varies from region to region. Our top factions are half and half. When I see a bunch of premier toons on squads I know they spend. It’s self-evident. I also know there are some who are mostly f2p on them as well. I could be on one myself but I choose not to because I don’t care for the way most of them behave in global. I also know that they coin like there is no fucking tomorrow every single war whether they are dominating or not. It’s like they don’t have an off switch.

Matchmaking is the problem right now. It’s killing the game more than any other stupid thing they have managed to do.

I doubt matchmaking will ever get fixed. If matchmaking worked the way a lot would like some top factions would never even get matched at all. Like you said not every region is the same and in some the top faction is so far ahead of the next faction that it’s a giant mismatch.

Your right but for a little while not too long ago matchmaking was fair. Then the top teams complained about not getting into matches quick enough so the definitely took the governor off on matchmaking. So now the top 3 are happy and everyone else is miserable. Sounds fair.

Could we somehow limit it to 1 of 4 matches that are completely unbalanced? I am willing to compromise :wink:

I guess it depends on what you consider a fair matchup. I’m not saying that I think matchmaking is perfect by any means but I don’t want to sit in que waiting for a fair matchup forever either. Either way people will be mad I don’t really know the solution and i don’t remember a time when anyone in my region didn’t complain about matching us too much or matchmaking in general.

My region is pretty dead though.

Okay, team raid strength is 275. The #1 and #2 in my region are over 700k. #3 and #4 are about 550k. So It’s over before it even starts with them. I can and do hit every single one of them but my teammates as a whole are not strong enough to do that too. So far we had 5 wars. Four of them were against the top four. We got destroyed. The one was at our strength we crushed them as we do with the teams that are 100k stronger most of the time. So why is it that with at least 10 teams around our strength we can only get a fair match 1 out of 5 times?

I understand that you need to war too but shouldn’t it be against the other top teams and not 10-30 most of the time. It cant be fun for you either when your so op.

That sucks. Like I said I don’t have a idea for a good solution since every region is different. In my region there is really only 1 faction that can score against my faction and they can’t beat us. We usually beat them by at least a million every war if not more. And it’s not fun which is why I prefer crw even though we were beaten before.

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The fact that you’re willing and able to empathize with my situation makes you one of the good guys in my book. Thanks for the chat. Best of luck in your next CRW.

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No problem. Same to you.

Either their game is broke or they need to keep the spenders happy.

We already got this kind of war… its called the 5* era. Little faction had an hard time in war anyway.

Completely disagree