Thank you scopley!

I really mean it this time , we see some thing change here in the last weeks .
We don’t need a game balanced 100% between F2P and P3W ,
Cause that’s is a completely wrong for the game , yes cause the money needed to move the game forward and that’s a fact we can’t ignore. “Without money they’re will be no RTS”
How ever the balance was in a complete disaster in the last months ,

But there still some issues here we want to discuss about @JB.Scopely and we want to passe for the team :

First thing : thank you for the last changes that been made to the game , keep it up and maybe you will build something you will be proud of some day .
Second thing : how ever the rewards for solo events are still wayyyyy too low .
Third thing : we need some sort of new tournament , we actually getting sick of all of those lvl up , we need more blitz war , Aow , …
4th : factions onslaught was a great idea however I think you did the wrong way “sorry to let you hear this” but I am trying to be honest with you , I think if you work a little bit harder you will make a great thing for us , and by us I mean you cause what’s good for us is great for you

5th : keep surviving lol

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What changes has been made ? Cause from where I’m sitting it’s still the same

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I agree with the lvl up awards being low. It’s quite a steep curve in terms of reward amount to tournament placement.

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1st Myth:

2nd Myth:

F2P = non-whales


Reverse of 2 truths and a lie…

AOW can be assumed to be cancelled forever.

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@Toura It sounds like you are making jb out to actually work and code the game. First the man is just a messenger. He is the one told to tell us things. This isn’t some indie game were the community mod is also the developer. This is a company made game man. Anyone ever tell you don’t shoot the messenger. What ever mess of a management scopely has at their hq were they code the game they are the ones to blame for not giving enough time to iron out the kinks in the code. Whenever something goes bad everyone is quick to lynch jb.


Increased rate and value of legacies? That’s the ‘last’ I can think of

The haters are out in full force in this thread…

Eats popcorn…


I love constant level ups. Although I think they should be a secondary event. I like how they are running the level ups during war now.

Isn’t this the special scopes wink and gun that erases any sincerity of what was previously just said?

Continued source of ever-short league tokens. Count me in

I really like JB as a CM, he embraces the fact that people think he trolls all the time.


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