Thank you Scopley for implementing player feedback

I understand that it’s a slow process to implement player feedback and Ideas but I thank you for at least putting some new content out for the players.

New Ideas:

Allow players to change the appearances of their toons. For example: most of the appearances for 5* toons are better than their 6* and we should be able to switch which outfit to use on them. 5* can use 6* outfits and 6s can you 5 outfits. I think players would enjoy this.

Implement a better way to level up toons instead of relying on you got lucky mission all the time. Maybe create a new training that allows you to train your toons for XP completing the training levels. The more training levels you beat the more XP you get and harder levels give more XP. This mode should also reward players after completing each stage. It’ll be like SR but better because your toons you bring on the stages will get XP each time. You can replay previous stages as well. To add a twist have Faction assault bosses at the end of each ranking stage and if you win, you get some awesome worthy rewards.

How about a hardcore mode where you have to use only 5* toons to defeat 6* stages and enemies. Players want more difficult challenges so put them to the test in this mode.

If possible, allow players to customize their own toon to survive in game. This would make sense since players have no idea what your main story character on the world map looks like. You can write them a backstory too. Lol

Lastly, how about implementing a better chatlog so you can chat better with friends. You can add a microphone for easy texting, faction video chat, and send messages to all. Idk?

These are just ideas and I’m not sure if they’re be implemented.


One more thing, how about you put some Scopley mods in the global chat so they can easily ban whoever is supposedly hacking or causing trouble for other players. The players don’t want to just block the ignorance, they want Scopley to moderate the chatlogs to deal with it.


No I don’t want epics using legendaries outfits, or vice versa.
Would cause massive confusion in raids and such for people.

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lol, you want to play barbie with the toons? You put forth the effort to earn the gear to upgrade toons; in return you get better stats and better ‘outfits’…

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Haha “play barbie.” I like that.

Adding to the suggestions. Thank you Endure!


Wouldn’t mind emojis! Everything seems to serious without them

Yup, lets play Barbie with the toons. Awesome.

It’s not playing Barbie. On Brave Frontier app, they allow players to use any appearance you want on your toon be it their: 5, 6, and 7 forms. You don’t have to like the idea anyways.

How about putting region mergers on those suggestions…

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