Thank you Scopely


For giving us two legacy ascendables in three days. We appreciate you coming through on that promise, please keep it up. Several left on that list.


Merry Christmas!



Merry Christmas!


Joshua and who else? That rick was a premier toon

I guess that counts as legacy but I was looking more for the war prizes, SD pulls and token toons

Rick was never a war prize or in tokens, but he was in at least 1 event, and at least he’s a red.

But it seems like every half decent red is Premier only, what gives?


Really wanted Glenn…


Thankyou I’m so glad I didn’t use him as fodder a while back he’s not the best but to me it’s another 6*


I’m thinking his collateral II under the right circumstances might be deadly. Gotta play test it.


I’m counting any old 5 that gets promoted as legacy. Especially one that’s over a year old. Lol

He was in a couple luts as top prize and a srt. But yeah war prizes would be better.


Neither have any of them, but big up anyways.
Keep the good stuff coming.


Well we had about 5 happy campers in my faction when he came out :smiley:


I fed my Joshua to Ezekiel :frowning: now just to cut his gut open and fish him out