Thank you Scopely! Priya at last!

Last night I was down right panicking abt that roadmap not being up. Today at 7:05pm I got Priya thanks to this event. Its a crazy ride with scopley. I feel silly now. Still, I’m so happy. And need opinions, start immediately towards a second priya for s class one, or go for raulito or another s class?Yay guys I’m so pleased!


She pretty weak as 6 got to defense her up.

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Awesome job nurse wolfy


Thanks. I had fun getting to this point.

What mods you think? And 2nd priya or raulito?

You got to go for s classes first imo.

S class definitely

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Okay. So go for the second. Well at least ill have a decent start on it . thanks.

Thanks. Yeah this event has already proven to give out collectibles! May as well use that to my advantage.

I use her with Magna and Hershel, works out pretty well. Many teams are very weak to impair, because everyone resists stun and either taunt or confuse. Behind a shield, G2 goes up quickly, and is good to have anyway because it lowers the chance of Priya killing herself with reflect damage mods. Plus, the attack buff is nice.

@Wolfy, I’d got with ATK set and top left in this setup, DEF/HP without a shield, otherwise she would probably be too squishy. Top right, ATK vs red or some other color (yellow or blue might be an option), or DEF red or yellow. Bottom left AP down. Bottom right stun resist. Center probably either taunt or confuse resist (I have taunt).

Second Priya or Raulito: neither, keep the boxes closed and yourself flexible. If you can get Raulito by the time his cake collection comes around, go for that - it’s effectively a huge discount on getting him. Or Hengyen, if it shakes out like that. Once you’re close to potential 6k cones, you might consider cashing them in and finishing Priya.

Thank you! Ill add those mods right now. Cause it ain’t like I ain’t going to play her since I just got her. Lol. And I’ve been waiting on magna to come back to supply depot. Im getting her I have like 17 sleeping bags and 25 multi tools, already and if I need any thing else, I can foot for it. I have Andrea as a shield and g rick. But magna can hold a stun weapon. Also I’m making multiple teams. So Ricks on one, Andrea the other, I digress. I just got 2 new lead toons ( focus Rick and Camilla) wanting to build another team possibly Focus rick, hershel, Magna, and Priya with either disarm Michonne, zander or Miora. Thanks, I wrote it down to put on her. All of it helps. This event seems like it’ll shell out a few cones so I’m going to use that to my advantage. Plus I get my toons 6* immediately as quickly as I can…been working on 4, F.Rick, D. Michonne, Miora and Jessie Anderson I got from DoD tokens and Michonne and Jessie are ready too. Lol. So any way, thanks for the advice and ideas!

I was thinking blue Magna, but Red Magna would work as well, especially if you don’t have red Hershel, as she can take over the attack buff part - shield for two turns, then buff your team and have Priya and Bluechonne do their thing. Just have to watch out for those reflect damage mods, if you pair them with a big defense down they hit hard - I’ve seen well over 10k damage on a single hit, even against Sclass toons (if the leader doesn’t buff their def at least). Even a tiny relfect damage mod will completely obliterate her if it triggers.

Thanks for the heads up! And yeah Red Hershel( have green too) -check not sure if the magna from depot is red or blue, but yeah, she’ll work. Lol. Those reflect damage come in handy but ill keep a eye out. I hope ppl don’t start using them or daze resist mods too soon. That’s what I’m worried and kinda holding back on the next priya, I really want to see how she fairs in wars and stuff and if a lot of defenses are using resists or what’s up.I don’t want her to be completely outdated by the time I get the s class.and ppl prepared against her daze. But I can collect and watch how it goes. I’ve heard her damage is crazy good and daze. But it does no good with mods that resist the effect. Thanks for the advice!

Good for Wolfy - I am really pleased that you got there in the end, and you are smiling again! Good for you.

I am working on Priya as well, and have claimed the first one, i am focusing on collecting cones for the Second to collect the S class, beyond that I have noticed that I have a few “accidental” collections, collection items that I have gotten as a Bi-Product of playing, my idea is once I have S class Priya, I will concentrate on my largest accidental collection, which still has a reasonable amount of time left.

Raulito is my accidental. Lol. I have over the half the shells to get one already. Lol. Thank you! May you reach your priya soon. I’m on to the second as well. 161 cones in. Lol. Its actually funner collecting these then I thought. I’m addicted to collecting characters I never thought possible! Lol. I can help myself. And I can barely throw a 4* away without wondering if I could’ve used it in future things. I plan on collecting as many as possible. I never got the big deal of doing collections until now. I’m so glad I did!

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Get whatever you want. You’ll get overwhelmed anyway. I’ve had my prius for a while now. She’s worth it.

Thanks. Yeah she seems pretty good. I like her a lot so far…:slight_smile: not a bit disappointed. Focus Rick, Disarm Michonne, Miora, Jessie Anderson, and now Priya within a two week span? I’m tickled. I can’t take much more excitement! Lol. I won Jessie from the last DoD token I won. Astounding! Ill be too busy with them to complain for a while. All need ascending. Again, thank you!

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