Thank you Scopely (not sarcastic)

…for sweet RNG and awesome luck in pulls.

I’ve managed to put this team together over the last couple months for about 40 dollars worth of stash and ‘shitty’ token pulls. Mmmm, feels so good.


That team is trash


Guess I play in a weak region, better come spank my bottom in war

Why aris?

Why not bro? Got a zero on my first try and she stuns two!

If it works it works.

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Nice team, ur account is definitely green lit.

I just start working on melee team.
What should i pick instead shiva. Green Kal or Solange?

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If thats your defense replace wayland hes a pure atk toon

a good attack behind a shield does wonders.

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A couple of points… Why replace Wayland? A timeout defense only works if everything is perfect and your stun resists are having a happy RNG day, so an attack toon or two can be really nice to decimate an attacking team, especially since most don’t run revives on attack…

Why not Aris? She’s a vastly underrated toon, especially if her HTL is activated. Aris can kill 3 blues in one shot when everything is boosted way up.

I say congrats on those teams, @DecaturSwine… Nicely done

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Not when there’s focus and decap available lmao

Solange you already have a guardian 2 in your team

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Kal, he can control with his taunt

I admit I made this post as a troll to counter the negativity that is rampant here and didn’t expect so much positivity. The fact still remains that I made this team ‘cheaply’ from five star token pulls, event pulls, and ‘shitty token’ pulls.

As a moderate spender Scopely truly has made the game more accessible lately. How? ‘Crap’ token pulls are reasonably cheap compared to premiere pulls with better odds. No, you won’t get the latest OP toons, but you could reasonably cheaply get one of the featured wheel characters and you know what potentials are there. You can decide if each one is worth participating in or not.


Im happy with what i got, lots of people think if they pulled a dupe that everyone has that toon lol pulled dante this morning for free. Someone will say hes trash, they have 5 of him or something. This community is negative af and the forums are a joke, only thing to do is troll tbh

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How much money did you spend?

It’s all about the real value of the toons, if you fell like you need some characters from the game in your life then you should go for it and enjoy every second of it. I’ll rather watch some UFC or buy some sweets to my gf, but yeah rts do became more flooded with toons but do we actually see them frequently? I don’t. Game is stale for me rn, But I claimed Solange I dunno why but I did lol I hope this game will be fun to me once again in the future I guess

I just returned after leaving in April 2017. They’re still crooks, but they have come a long way since I last played.

I brought axe Tyreese today for $8 and got three epics from the tokens that came with him in the crate. Back then, that crate would have been at least $300, and the probability of pulling 3 on one pull would have been 1 in 27000000 (1 in 300 three times).

They still suck major glutes, but I give them one single droplet of credit.

Note, I’m not really into competitive play as much as collecting. Competitively, I’m sure it hasn’t changed a bit.