Thank you scopely ily


Thank you scopely for giving my second account double the rewards. The pull not so much…


Could be worse


this is why we cant have nice things


Like why?


Have fun losing the pull when they fix their screw up


Before there’s a barrage of “be quiet” “delete your post”. This is like the 20th time something like this is happened. There are too many variables. They aren’t going to ruin it. They’d have to take back milestones earned by using by leveling toon you pulled with the extra tokens, give back the food, the 2*s or trainers, subtract your level up points. And we all know they aren’t going to do it, they never have.

You won the latest Scopely screw up lottery, good job kid.


Like what’s the point of posting it though?


Someone would have. It was bound to happen.


Yeah they never take back rewards. And if they did oh well that account is lvl 16 I don’t even play on it. I had 9 cake.


Update looks like I’m not the lucky kid. Many are getting double rewards. And everyone I’ve seen has transferred before.


No double rewards here either. Thanks Scopely as always :joy::joy::joy:


Think it might have been the ones with 30 tokens that got double rewards.


I only got 30 once… I’ve tranferred as well.


My level 5 mini that was used as filler for war got 30 twice lol… I collected 0 cakes hahaha


Giving y’all anxiety
What I pulled today


same to my noob account in McCormick. Got 60 and didnt collect cakes


I started accounts in 6 different regions… whoever gets the best pull at the end of the month will be my permanent mini


Tfw you collected cakes but never got rewarded


Faction mate said the exact same thing


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