Thank you scopely for the compensation

Seriously have enough to T4 two Michonnes lol and enough black fIags for Michonne, Roxie, Axel and i would assume a yellow duel specialist some day.

You have had your mishaps, communication on the forums is still poor, response times need more work but i do see the effort, keep it up!


I’m definitely happy I have enough to level up both my Michonne’s now.


Haven’t seen any compensation in my region :frowning:

It’s coming :slight_smile:



You get 3 Burt’s 1 smelly salt and 1 2* pistol and u will like it


Some in my faction have received them but I haven’t

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Yes ! Because the only better thing then having one useless toon is having two of the same

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Right on, but rather have the actual gear for any toon in my roster :grin:

The entire flag box issue raised the usual 3 problems:
- A problem happened, where’s the comp
- The comp isn’t enough
- The comp never showed up

But I like that they countered each of those points; they gave comp quickly, upped it after initial observations it wasn’t enough, and then followed through to ensure it came eventually to everyone. This particular situation was handled well I think , I hope it continues because it’s good stuff.

Credit to @TayTron for manning the frontlines too :wink:


I would like compensation for the x map not showing up all weekend when I had time to do it

I don’t understand why are these flags being given?

The X map don’t worth. Just like Zhu map don’t worth the energy waste but people still complain.

A lot of people have their flags gone for no reason after open the crates

It should be pointed out that they tried to not give everyone their flags. They played it off as if it was all taken care of.
If it wasn’t for so many in the forums keeping up it would have likely been swept under the rug.
So while I do appreciate them finally fixing it and doing the right thing, they put more effort into trying not doing the right thing.
The biggest difference this time is they didn’t have the fanboy choir flooding the forums saying deal with it, it is done tough luck.


Ah. I had no problems, so I assume I will not receive this compensation. Which is fair enough.

Prob past their bedtime, they gotta be up to eat pancakes made by mommy and go to school, so they cant crusade on the forums

Have you seen the X map? The purpose of the map is to drain balloons and world energy from players so they’ll have to spend money to replenish what they lost. If they honored your request it would be by taking from your inventory, not adding to it. :frowning_face:

Yeah I’ve done the map bruh

that’s cool, but I still have received nothing