Thank You Scopely for the Break

I, for one would like to say thank you for the light event schedule this week. With all the roadmap grinding for the Michone event, it’s nice to not have to grind on multiple calender events also. If possible, could you please drop us a free s roadmap with 10 refills of each energy at some point this week? As low as we all are on world energy, I’m sure we would all be very grateful. Again thank you for the light week so we can concentrate on these Michone maps.


is always fun week then boring week


Yeah thanks we love when the game is so boring you don’t wanna open it


So, in your opinion people should sit in front of their phones all day long? As if it isn’t already enough going on in-game for most just to keep progress in leagues and etc.

Why do you even care if there are several events going on or not when you always give a shit about the game? Your hateful comments below certain postings here are famous. If you don’t like the company and the game in general, then don’t support them.

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Hateful? How? I’m simply thanking them for the break from events so I can concentrate on the Michone event My comment was a genuine thank you I enjoy this game contrary to your opinion If others are bored with it they should quit not everyone has the time to sit on the game 24/7 so the break from the other events is nice for us Id rather at this time put my time in game towards getting Michone as I don’t have a dual specialist as of yet

Would be nice if they put raid and world cans in the league store

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Think he was replying to the comment before his

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Oh ok sorry then

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