Thank you scopely for blitz war

Thank you for the blitz war @kalishane


I agree thank you. I wish they would have included it for all of the regions tho


Thanks for the heads up that a blitz war was happening. Noting that tbd means 11pm blitz war


Will there be another one after this one ends @kalishane?

I’d say yes, my region has faction lvl up and solo raid going that lasts another 24 hours from now. Since our events last longer than your current blitz I bet they will have enough time to do the double blitz war like they have done recently.

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Yeah thanks but you can just give me 6000 wooden nuggets.

There better be a break between the two if there is indeed another one

How much longer for your faction level up? I wouldn’t be surprised if those with a blitz war get the level up and vice versa. I imagine that would be a pain to set up and manage, but the backlash might sway their direction.

Ends at 12 noon tomorrow, eastern US time. That would be nice if they swapped, but I doubt it that would happen for some reason.

@kalishane Thank you for the blitz war. Aside from what anyone else says. The prizes are good (yay!). 4600 nuggets/ 4600 5* tokes is good for an 18hr war. No notice was interesting, but you know what, just like the mutliple solo levels, players just need to get that “you don’t have to compete and win every single tourn”. It’s better to always have something running so that you can choose to participate as you wish.

Anyways, thanks a lot.

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Yeah blitz war was great.
We need one each week between two AOW/CRW.

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It can also be like the daily road map on a schedule, like every wedsday at 00:00 PM, and no need for super rewards it can be something small that we collect every week, but main purpose of the event should be fun.

it truly does break up the monotony of the solo level ups and SR tourns lol

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Still wanting a response as to why some of us got bent over with “yet another fcking level up” whilst other regions get war @kalishane

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agree that it would have been nice to go global with blitz. so more positive feedback:

  1. war can drops seem nice (not just me, but a general comment from several fx mates).
  2. low pressure war - no coins used, but able to get war cans, war crates, and basic tokens
  3. this kind of event needs to happen more. allow the player base, many of whom have spent $$$ on toons, gear, etc. to enjoy what they paid for in the war format.

If you continue to not require to monetize the players in every event, good things will happen.

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I do not agree with all these comment … A 24h War starting at night with low nugget prize does not replace a 2 days event where i could win 1200 nugget in place of 300 (even *2) because my faction can’t be active enough … Its not fair …

That’s pushing it, we all knew it was event time an error stoped the survival road and they inform us. The blitz war was a replacement also just because some factions are becoming inactive why pushing the ones that are active they already started doing 6v6 instead of 8v8, is time for factions to step up and merge if all factions have inactive people I’m sure all have space for the merger.

4600 nuggets + 4600 5* tokens + easily achievable ulysses for 20K milestone.

then add in the 2nd war. and it 9200 nuggets, 9200 tokens. and now a lillith for milestone. pretty damn good mid-week war reward worth fighting for if you ask me…

YES thank you scopely No silly SR and level upx20 ty ty ty

I think that they did. Lamar didn’t have an event when everyone else had one running for 3 or 4 hours, but our blitz war did show up. We just had a second appear as well.