Thank you Scopely for 6* territory’s

Thank you for bringing back 6* territories


Hopefully we get these for other relatively major events again.

And even more hopefully at a time that makes Europe able to participate as well.

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It totally caught everyone off guard. But it’s nice to bring some action to territories once again.

Provided they fix all the kinks, it’s another way to break the routine of the everyday farm and same old territories.

Props for ya, Scopes!

Yeah I enjoyed the territories… wouldn’t mind some refills in the shop though

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Happy to see this is back too !

Need to have more than 3 though. I’m in the top faction and we hold 2 of them while the #2 faction holds the 3rd. It doesn’t give everyone else much of a chance.

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That’s whats happening in my server as well.
But it’s always like that although these top factions still manage to complain from lack of competition.

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I’m glad that’s not the case where I’m at. 2 factions battle for top spot. There’s a group of 3 or 4 that are really tough right behind us. Then there’s about 10-15 that are mid level, highly active factions.

@kalishane how long will we have these territories?

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The main issue in couple regions I play in is that the top faction and another are full of hackers and put the hacked teams and weapons there so no other faction in region can get them. With the hackers not being banned this creates an issue in the newer regions.

What’s next thanking them for the next level up?

There are 10 spots and they chose to only open 3 of them thus the top factions have a lock on them. There is no reason not to have all of them available at the same time. Let the region play not just the top factions. We know that’s all you care about since they spend the most money but can you at least pretend you give a crap about the rest of us?


Also they are broken. My faction has been high mark on walkers 3 times now, killing over 600 of the 1,000 and we have not gotten it on all 3 occassions. One of ours actually messaged support. They responded (surprisingly) that this was a known issue and they’re looking into it. Kinda sad that this continues to happen after this many years.

That’s it??? Lasted for a day lol

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Wish we had some inkling of when to expect these or when they’re completely gone and done with.


This for sure ^

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Been 3 hours since last appeared. Are they done or is there a glitch in the coding?

the territories were a week long the last time we had faction support event

What’s wrong with thanking them for something? I think a thank you goes much farther than a complaint. Last time they opened these territories, they started with 3 open then opened more a few days later. I hope they do the same this time, though that is up to them.

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Because if you read most of the posts on the forum you can clearly see how the community is not happy with the current state of the game. I feel that giving them a pat on the back for doing something sends the wrong message and there take away is that everything is fine or that they can shut us up by throwing the tiniest of bones at us.

We need region mergers, we need the bugs fixed, and we need the cheaters banned. All three of these things are continuously ignored. Most recently everyone in the beta lost an entire night of war because of yet another bug. What was there response? Keep surviving like always. I’m tired of the bs I think so are a lot of others too.