Thank you scoopely

I’m just here to thank you for the wonderful rewards I got with 20k coins. I got about 5 characters of only 5 stars because I am not a P2w player almost maximum level and i have never gotten a single character in the premiere roulette. So thank you for your wonderful game and I’ll never see if in heaven I’m doing better or in hell.

20k coins equal to two big and two small should make you a guarantee ascendble from the wheel

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Useless without a dupe and 6k shells

the 6* kills everything on his own if you join him with a lacerator

This RNG is trash first spends more than 12k coins on zacharyas and i only got 2 characters of 5 stars and now in raulito 8k and I got 2 characters more than 5stars is garbage this game if you don’t pay

Sounds like you learned a lesson.

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