Thank You @Kalishane


@kalishane While others are complaining about the upcoming update, I sincerely want to thank you for all you do. I have seen the suggestions on the forum for the Friendly Duel, a gear depot (maybe not exactly what was requested but close), and the weapon lock. Thank you for taking our suggestions to the team. Don’t let all of these trolls upset you. Some of us do notice that you are making a difference.
I know you probably already have taken our suggestions for account migration, but was just curious if you could mention it again as multiple regions are dying and need this.


Hey! Thank you Lizzy – I appreciate the love!

Thank you all for sharing your feedback with me – I promise to make sure your thoughts are always heard.

Yes! We all want region merging desperately – I will bump the team and see where we landed with it!

Dade region give us some feedback on your current activity please

Region merges would be awesome.
Our region is dwindling.


Account migration isn’t going to happen this year


It doesn’t have to be a region merge though. I could see Scopely merging regions like they match for CRW :persevere: We could have a one time free account migration to 1 region on a list of comparable regions, then if that region doesn’t work we could pay to do any additional migrations. I’ve seen it in other mobile games. I honestly don’t know what region I would join, but there are alot of posts about dying regions. It shouldn’t be hard to develop a report based on how many people have not logged into a Region in months or even years vs the total number of active accounts in a region.


I’d like to see a few regions merged, and then the crw’s with a bit better rewards and then I think it would be golden.


Even CRW which basically combines 3-4 servers for the game’s biggest event has crap rewards… what makes you people think server merges would do anything except force you to buy 3x more ‘food offers’ to maintain your usual position in a level up for a few thousand 5* tokens and occasional T3 6* common part?


Account Migration is not a region merge. It is one person moving to another region.


@LizzyBorden I agree on everything you said! I’m stoked for the update, and probably the weapon locks more than anything lmao. I’ve talked about weapon locks for soooooo long. It’s stressful to disassemble for me, I have a couple 1* and 2* crit weapons.


Account Migration gives the person the choice, instead of being forced to merge with another region. I would much rather pick from a list of regions to move my account to than have Scopely force me to merge. It also takes the target off of Scopely when the person has the power to choose what to do with their account.


Wilcox in particular is dying very quickly… Just throwing it out there lol


I’m sorry Lizzy. :,( I really am!


Thx @kalishane your efforts are appreciated. :slight_smile:

I dont know why my name is all in caps… can u fix that? So its Ebola… not EBOLA… my name doesnt need to look like its yelling. Lol


You don’t need to apologize. You didn’t kill my region. Bad rewards did. Thanks again for doing what you can for us :blush:


Thanks for being a part of the community Lizzy!


Thx for fixin that! @kalishane:slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Rewards are an easy fix especially for CRW. Simply times the tokens per amount of regions competing? 1st in all out war say 15k …
CRW with 3 regions, make it 45k.
Scale them up. CRW is the pinnacle of war.


Lies! We’re doing just fine