Thank you, honestly 💙

Hello all,

Not many here know me aside from the occasional comments, but in the game I’ve gone by J¡gga since April 2016 and represented Midgar (Midgar Mechanics) since June 6, 2016. This week I finally made the official decision to hang up the boots (thank you support for helping assist me in a full count delete). This isn’t intended to be a thread about venom, although my reasons for walking away may be rooted in it. This is a thank you thread. This game in its own strange way brings people from all over the world together. It has allowed me to make many great friends, meet many cool people, and allowed for many fun and entertaining weekends between war and Line with the banter. Thank you S_copely, whether it was done by accident or part of some secret genius intent, you created a whole bunch of really great sub communities with the system of regions and factions. Sure, the rewards might be less than desirable lately, but those days of 4* Chad being a coveted toon aren’t forgotten, nor are the late night wars where my phone would be on my face the next morning due to falling asleep in battle. I’ve walked away, and left the group in very abled hands, but in walking away I wanted to quote Jerry and The Dead and say “Thank you, for a real good time!” …to all those in #PU, stand firm in your beliefs, and to those who aren’t, keep the peace between one another and hope for better days ahead. You’ll all be missed, but it was a sincere joy being a part of a game that had such a fun community around it. Keep surviving! :grin::beers:


A dignified exit, have fun out there :+1:


Jigga is a legend in the game and will be missed. Take care brotha


Wow this is crazy, I remember you when you were in Schley with Midgar when I went by B!tch Pudd!n.
It sucks to see yet another Veteran player go bc everything just keeps getting worse. Sad to see you go, take care Jigga

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Or perhaps just because the game got boring, old and stale? Always the same old repeating pattern of SR, lvl up, raid and war? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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