Thank you for yet another week off so we can find another game

Wow, I was really worried that we might actually have some events this week. Maybe a Hordes event to earn tokens for that wheel which is still ticking down. Maybe another Onslaught. Solo raid would also be nice.

But no. just Solo Level up, followed by weekend war.

Put your feet up boys, nothing to do all week. Maybe you could spend the free time finding an alternative gaming pursuit?


Stop moaning hoards & onslaught is rubbish and should be canned , if your that upset about it maybe you should use this time to address your mobile game addiction , a lot of the time this game has too much to do that people who work & have kids can’t commit too during the week


I would like something to do thou it’s such a bore at the moment🤗

Wait, you’re describing me as addicted and then implying that you’re glad there are no events so you don’t have to neglect your work and kids?

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Spend some of those exploited coins

Lol I don’t ignore them they come first , those hoards/onslaught weeks I get relagated from my league lol

Lol. Ironic that the calendars of late are a community request in action.



There can never be too much to do if it’s engaging and entertaining. Its not the games responsibility to tell us we are having too much fun and should go spend more time with our family and friends. If playing a game is higher on your priority list than your family is, i don’t think the game is the problem…

As for level ups, i don’t think anyone cared so much that there were constant level ups when there were other tournaments running at the same time. Its constant level ups without anything else going on that makes people hate them. Thats how i see it anyway.

If there’s only level up to do, like now, i kinda hate them. But if theres always something in addition to the level up, i kinda love them. :slight_smile: Level up every day, as long as there’s more to do than just level up.


That comment was all over the place lol talks about stop complaining but complains that hordes and onslaught sucks. You want more stuff to do in game, he doesnt, when did having a different opinion become complaining? Lol

I am in the twilight zone! Someone please help! :sob:

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