Thank you for the Zhu Roadmap

It’s made me definitely not want him when at max health he has 1921 whilst my Yellow Neutralise Beta at 6* Tier 1, Level 40 has 1951 and higher Defense and attack.

Thank you so much for making me realise just how truly trash this toon is and that I don’t want him at all


he aint modded at all

All that work they put into those roadmaps to Geez :joy:

Eh, neither is my Beta for health, HES modded for attack. But it still stands he’s at T1 and not even maxed while that Zhu is maxed and already pales to my Beta.


I got Carl from the war wheel and have no use for trash Zhu

Same sentiment, he has a far better leader skill and his overall utility is much better due to the fact he heals multiple and can revive

Don’t worry, you won’t get him anyway.


Lol at this being true, he isnt even good at all and most wont get him as is anyways. Wish scopely took pride in their work instead of mashing stuff together and hoping people will spend on a joke of toon

Here’s my Beta who’s not even T2 yet and their Zhu. When maxed my Beta is likely to eclipse his stats. It’s ridiculous

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Now take the 30% def and 15% hp buff off

That equates for the boost Beta would likely get on his way to where Zhu is at? Still a useless character.

Zhu have better stats.


Totally agree. Some of these toons being show-cased don’t even seem to be able to stand up to the opponents scopely chose for them in these roadmaps. They are dead first round. It’s awful.

Maybe so but he also has a much worse active and rush and also doesn’t have the benefit of being a neutralise

Rush is better imo, and have nice leader skill. But with S-CLASS meta all 6* will be one shot dead soon.

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