Thank you for the gear map!


Greatly appreciated!


This isnt legendary gear…


Wha.t am missing where is this gear map


It’s… A roadmap that gives 1 piece of epic gear for each trait. So thats 1/6 a part for tier 3…


Please change the name of your thread.


it does


second one


Not the first part.


Technically it’s legendary gear since it only affects 6 stars, even though it does show 5 stars on it.


The 2nd act isn’t as bad as some thought it’d be, it’s actually pretty easy if you have the right setup.


Its not bad. Run your best toons and bring grenades!


No actually it is not legendary gear. Its is however gear needed to upgrade legendary characters.

Legendary gear is the tier 4 6s
Epic is the tier 3 6s
Ultra rare is tier 4 5s
Elite Rare is the tier 4 4s
Rare is the tier 3 3s


You forget , that is the new gear map. Who wants farm able gear maps when you have to waste all your energy daily for one of each item


Well this one does not appear to be daily. So apples and oranges imo


True true forget I said anything lol


All good. The naming is confusing especially since epics didn’t use epic gear… Always confused me pretty 6s…


Thank goodness between this and the War/Survival Roadmaps, I recently researched the last two grenades. Flashbangs help too.

I will not have another Bruce’s Story…


Red/blue vials are cheaper then grenades lol
Used them and a cpl smellies on my alt…


True. I just don’t like doing it on a line. Doing it to multiple people (plus damage) makes it go faster when you have a team that can out people quickly. I learned the hard way since Bruce’s Story that it’s better to use grenades over the span of 6 waves than vials. To each their own and what works for them. Personally, I doubt I can make it with vials because I use one legend (a melee one too but come on) with 4 5⭐s. Not powerful enough but they get the work down.