Thank you for the fix to the War Can Drop rate!


Or maybe its my teams lucky streak, but we have noticed its more like the old days this war for whatever reason.

If you guys fixed it many thanks!

Do others feel this war had better average can drop rates than the previous 2 wars, 1 crw and 4 blitz wars?


I did rather well on the last 2 wars. This time around I went from 40 cans down to 25. I stopped using cans once I hit the last milestone and have been trying to build up since. I’m back up to 30, but it’s taking forever. I think the RNG is just really streaky.


It could be that i’m in a good streak, It happens. But I expect a 6 vs 6 to eat a little bit more cans. It seems like most are breking even or down slightly.


nop, lost 25% of my cans again… still 30 but in 3 war, it will be the end… and i will nut buy cans with fucking money.

Scopely will lose another big player…

At the war return, I had 86 cans…

So we are very very far of old drop rate, just because scopely thinks we will buy that shitty 10€ offers with 20 or 3 only fucking cans…

Scopely, your are just like politician, in another world. It is not a compliment.

Our faction already lost 9 old great players because they were digusted of scopely maners since some months. And scopely is continuing to do that, at high speed, day after day, without hearing players warning.

I would like to said: just go bankrupt but there are too many idiots that are paying in that game.


I am usually on par most wars and if I do lose some cans, it will only be a handful. Not the past CRW but the one before that, I lost 35 in that but have worked my way back up to about 25 cans now.

I find that I only lose cans if I verse very bad opposition and continuously keep canning.


Shut up.


For me personally the drop rates were much higher in this war compared to the last few wars. It could all be just luck and random, but with Scopely and their drop rate shenanigans involved I’m usually inclined to think there is some tweaking going on.


Drop rates sucked for me. I rarely received any and warred all weekend.
Some of my faction mates had pretty decent drop rates. But some of the rest of us had just a couple drop all weekend.


Apart from that infamous blitz where they nerfed drop rates there was a bug, I honestly haven’t noticed a difference in can drop rates.


As war unfolded… trying to figure out my team and being slow to atk and often bounce i lost alot of cans… but once i found the right combo… i had carl (not as lead) killin 3 or 4 ppl with his AR and every time i killed that 3 or 4 ppl on the enemy team id het a war can… i went from 21 cans down to 10 and then i figured out my team and was killin wayyyy faster and on the last day i was up to 31 cans by wars end and i was getting 2 cans for each one i used… cuz i was killin camps so fast… trick is killl fast … faster and smoother you wipe out oponent the better the chance of war can drop.


I perfect most of the team in a minute or less so I don’t think it’s related in any way. There definitely was a change since CRW. In CRW, I ended up -20 and this war +17 with more or less the same score.