Thank You for the Dwight Event (Seriously)


I like an event where my hard work pays off with a guaranteed reward versus the token events where my hard work ends up in a random pull. Was this a perfect event? Of course not. But I did end up with the ascendable Dwight, the AK-74, and 1 trainer crate from the F&F roadmap. The 0 energy roadmap was poorly done but hey, 3 out of 4 is pretty good.

Those who didn’t get the rewards will probably disagree but Dwight was pretty easy to get unless you are a noob or a casual player. Some of the lower members in my faction got Dwight through effort and preparation. Some top members who didn’t get Dwight simply didn’t put much effort in preparing for lvl up events, trying during a SR Tourney, etc. The AK-47 was harder due to the scarcity of some parts and even the hardcore players in my faction got shut out for not realizing they needed to hit a milestone for parts.

So I say to Scopely, please hold more of this event type where effort is rewarded. To date, my favorite event is still the choose your side one. That created a little variety with LE Dwight and LE Jesus as our choices.



I know what you are saying but it’s kind of rubbing salt in an open wound for many players.

I did like your post because I agree that the idea of earning a toon as opposed to chance lottery is way better.

I have faction members that busted their ass and still came up short so I wouldn’t declare it as easy, up until the raid event I was sweating over vests myself.



Couldn’t agree more. Congrats!



Got Dwight, the AK, 2 weapon crates (both G36), and a trainer bag. Great event imo

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Yep Great event.

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It was a decent event for getting a ascendabLe and a fun that would have other wise been by luck and need of dt and pk. However I think like mentioned choose your side would have been so much more fun and added more diversity. They could have had the SD governer or dewhite allowing us to choose a side and have the parts to obtain them the same plus 1 added difference. I believe in the choose your side there was an opportunity to get both if you were really lucky and got a 2nd comic. However It was definitely more engaging from what u remember. I was really let down by Lucille tokens though. They were just a road map and in a few events. All these level ups and such could have had more tokens or even again the raid event that had no drops. I’d give this event maybe a B minus or C ++



Getting Dwight via the level ups (mainly) was by far, the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in a game. I came to the edge of certain milestones so many times. Lots of them were last minute pushes. All-in-all, I’m proud of my hard work. In between all level ups, I made sure to farm hard and store away survivors and continually reset my Scav camps in order to obtain the elusive 100xp/60xp missions. Dedication and hard work paid off. Skill and luck combined netted me one of the best 6*s so far. Can’t wait to begin using him! My hard work paid off.



I really have to agree with you here. People who have been playing this game for even a few months could have, with proper preparation, earned both Dwight and his weapon, just as I did. As it stands, I have 6 toons I have ascended and 7 more I could ascend, along with 1,675 legendary medals and about 4K trainers still in my training ground. Every ascendable character I have are ftp toons that most everyone has now. During all of the recent level ups I put up only enough points to get what I absolutely needed and no more, with the exception of blue Abe. I think many of the people complaining here feel that they should be able to get everything offered without much effort or planning and that’s just not the case. If this event has taught me anything, it’s that we players are going to need to pick and choose what to go for more carefully in the future.



There have been better events and there have been worse. This was middle of the road for actual play and towards the higher ends for rewards. I am a big fan of the guarantee. Things to work on? Communication and the token part of it. Players enjoy getting pulls. The odds were horrible so why not flood us with Lucille tokens? The lack of tokens suggested the wheel only had valuable options. This was not the case. I would agree with above. B-/c+



This should have been a spoiler, but your right, no toons, no gear for 6 stars, 3 level ups in a row where the first milestone is 150k is ridiculous, Scopely is ignoring us, the lucille tokens were an epic shit on the floor, they cry “you want it handed to you?” No, I want the game back to the way it was, 6 stars only go to tier 3 so many times, I’m out of toons, out of patience, certain factions rule our region so we can’t advance as much.



You have no idea. I began my pushes with Abe. And then came the rest. I got Tyreese when I couldn’t get him in the SD. Then the rest of the level ups. I initially started off with 30 days of survivors and then fell to 10 days EACH time a level up came up. By the time the final one did, in conjunction with the SR tourney, I had 8 days of survivors. I had to make due with what I had, which meant extreme farming, consolidation of my resources, and selling anything I had that had food, including many alpenstocks and the like. My heart racing many times, I didn’t know if I could physically do it. The only money I spent was on cans for SR to ensure I’d finish it on time.



But what I was saying is if you don’t go for something every time a level up is offered, and hold out on leveling toons in general, it can be done. And you did it, so congrats to you. And now you know what it feels like to truly EARN a prize.

P.S. A friend of mine is exactly 15 wires short from getting Dwight. Now don’t you just feel great. Lol



Hey man, I treated this whole event as if there was no other chance at getting what I needed. I saw the goalpost, I gauged the distance, and I kicked. I didn’t know if I would make it every time, but I tried. And I succeeded. It was SO HARD. The hardest thing I’ve done in this game. It’s Final Fantasy “Behemoth” battle difficulty. It’s Mass Effect, with the minimum amount of deaths difficulty. It’s Battletoads vs. Dragons difficulty! It was hard.



A huge point you are missing is that you, me, none of us can predict the future (maybe you can). So saying planning for, and picking and choosing cannot work with this company. The people that went hard and fast to get all the vest were the smart ones, because there was no information giving that next events would give more opportunities to get additional vest. People thought maybe another roadmap, maybe the next level up, hopefully some from raid, but no one really knew. It just so happened that they added vest to all the subsequent events, but was this planned or was this as a result of outcry by so many that slacked initially and wasn’t going to have enough vest?

To rewind a bit those that I mentioned above as smart for going hard and fast ended up getting the short end of the stick and became actually the losers. They likely wasted resources and level up points they possibly wouldn’t have had to by trying to hit the higher milestones to make sure they secured their Dwight. I was one of these people! Had I known I would not have needed to hit but the 250 milestones each time I could have saved nearly 2 mil worth of levelling (what you are suggesting), but because I didn’t know what was coming next I didn’t want to chance it.
The secretive, cover ups, vagueness of scopely is what causes this.



You’re right about not knowing, and that is indeed a problem. But overall I was speaking in general, some people go all out for every level up no matter how lousy the prizes are and that’s what they should stop. As far as the shirts go, yeah, Scopely did put a lot of those out there and I also wasted resources going for the high milestones and later I saw I didn’t need too. It turned out that the barbed wire pieces were the holy grail though. Many people I know didn’t get enough of those and there doesn’t seem to be any way to get them now. So yeah, not knowing sucks, but it makes saving as much as possible more important than ever.



Well we all know from this event now that whenever you are giving a chance to get items, you need to take them. I did end up getting dwight after being short a very scary couple hundred, but still its the closest I came to missing out on a toon that was offered in an event.

I seriously think that Scopely needs to divide the items next time and not place them so heavily in Level ups!! Level ups in not a good place to put needed items. Level ups require to many resources and many people who are super active may not even be able to do anything because they just don’t have the gear or have ygl showing.

Next time put them in raids and flash roadmaps.



I spent $700 trying to get toons, buy food, and gear, and levelled 4 of my legendary toons. It wasnt enough for the milestones. Ran out by the 2nd tourney. I still need 115 leather vests. Im not a noob player. Im one of the top in my region. I played every single day of the collection, and couldnt get dwight. Just his gun. Thats bull*.



I coined YGL over 10 times. Ran out of toons to level



I agree With this post



I have 8 of them.