Thank you for the double 4 parts roadmap


I really thank you for this mini-event.
I hope this wont be the last time.

If you can handle limited resources, that you use wisely - than please join me and just say thank you.

PS Scopely: If this event was planned - and no accident, you could have leveraged the positive power of announcing this a few days before. People would have appreciated this mini-event even more.


Yes, I really needed these 4 tapes and Kits. Thank you very much @kalishane


Are mayb it was by error since there server is undergoing maintenance


If it wasn’t an error then a big thank you to the scopely team


Thx for double map <3


It is a sad day when I am more happy about getting 4 duct tapes and kits than getting a war prize lol. :frowning:


No arguing here. Thank you, Scopely staff!

I think acendance road map came up as wep parts

Hands up if you thought the server maintenance was just Scopley realising their mistake and rolling back one of the maps?


I’m flat out of resources so the extra tapes & kits is well appreciated. Thanks!


Extremely appreciated! Thank you @kalishane and team!!


HAppy we got an extra map. Wish it was on any other day of the week


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