Thank you for sorting wasted cans during war :)

Not an ironic post at all, twice I have popped a can thinking there were teams left to destroy but due to lag the war ended. Both times I was given back the can. Anyone else seeing this? Great work Scopely nothing more frustrating than wasting cans :slight_smile:


Hm… Is this real? If u end 4/4

I popped fills multiple times and didn’t get to use any e due to lag and I didn’t get any cans back. Consistency doesn’t seem to be Scopely’s strong suit so I’m not suprised some are getting them back(if post is correct) while others aren’t.

automatically getting them back or going through support and finally getting a war can back 2 days after the war has finished???

I believe he means at the time the can was used the match had already ended

I popped a rebuild once during war and it had already ended, and surprisingly, CS refunded the coins. I’m sure plenty have had the opposite experience but it is possible.