Thank you for ruining CRW


Dear Scopely,

I’m utterly disappointed with CRW this weekend! 6 v’s 6 is a joke! Did you put us in the special class? You have to do something about dying regions not this pathetic shameful attempt. You own and run the servers yet leaving is to rot! I’m ready to add to the unsused accounts floating around the server as you’ve really done it this time!


Really is a huge let down


This CRW is 8v8…


For our match up yes. But not all


Glad you had 8v8! 6v6 isn’t a CRW its blitz! They actually want dead regions to vanish treating them like remedials


I suspect it was a trial, which should be encouraged,
I suspect there was no communication to the players, which should be discouraged.

CRW is better that a region war but its only a delay of the inevitable - when regions can’t field war teams consistently it won’t matter who you’re matched with.


I wish I’d worded it like that!


I’d have preferred 6v6…lol

My faction is struggling for effort.


Couldn’t agree more. Not fair to stick active players in a 6v6 group. Not our fault rest of region is dying. They will lose more players with 6v6.

Not to mention the fact that all our war two weeks ago was 8v8 in our region. Bad decision.


Still say they should make a pool at the beginning, either 6v6 or 8v8. It comes up with the option sorta. But mind you, probs be bugged out…


I think they changed it at a players request


Could work. My fa toon always fills. But an option would be helpful. Pretty much what suggesting so makes perfect sense.


I would like to see 6x6 or maybe even 4x4 Blitz wars on the same day as every level up. I mean why not? Rewards are never anything special but at least it gives us something to do.


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