Thank You For Michelle

So much negativity if most things scopely does or doesn’t do But nobody says when they do anything right or nice.

So A post with my gratitude for the 7 Free Mask maps that enabled me to claim 6* Michelle this morning

I’m greatly looking forward to trying her out.


Scopley: ok

Wait a minute , this some kind of trick ? Like wanderer was?

Totally agreed , many good things happen in last 2-3 weeks . keep it up scopley
However please @JB.Scopely don’t cancel war , it’s the best event ever .

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It’s only delayed one week while they introduce a brand new tournment…

I’m going to enjoy my large quantity of mod as I have got 2 confuse resists 2 stun reists and some other awesome one that a can’t wait to apply to my defence team

Loads of mods and a good toon. Thanks are due.

If only the communication pre-event had been a little less absent, so for me it’s 8/10 for that reason.


Agreed, amazing event but the lack of information makes it a bit confusing. But still one of the greatest event ever.

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Ended a terrible meta, gave a nice leg up to FTP that can’t be abused too mush, made it absolutely rain mods and got my rear in gear for events.
Nicely done Scopes, a rousing success.

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Defo damn decent of Scopely Ty so much

Honestly Scopely have been very generous to F2P, alot of good charachters (like Michelle and Eric, decap sandy etc…) Compared to last year where F2P were almost dead. Barely any decaps and pretty much no revives. Gj on this one scopely :+1:


Yes we are grateful, but I do believe they will come out with a yellow p2w version with the same lead skill and better rush plus active

lol…always one

Totally agree, this has been one of the best events yet! Keep it up Scopely, maybe turning over a new leaf?

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she is fine but i dont see do well in my rooster sinnce most of my attack comes from tough, fast and strong. could use diego though or melee with huge ap when attacking

They already have Camilla

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