Thank you for free mod removal event!


I have been asking for this many times on forums. And to time it before CRW so we can test out variations is perfect!


Best thing they done in 6 months… Finally. Smh


indeed, for all the bitching i do, thanks are in order here. please do this maybe once a month?


Now all they need to do is make it free permanently.

It makes zero sense to penalize people who want to experiment with different toons and party formations. Let us move around mods free of charge.


Can this be one of those changed features that ends up being permanent?


Yippie. Rogue is back! Haha


Honestly this is one of the things that makes me start believing in the company again. But when that happens, it’s all gonna come crashing down.


thx very much, two hours later for me but,seriysly THX!!!


It was a “mistake”, it will soon be corrected. We never intended this offer to be sent to the player base. All your mods will revert :rofl::scream:

Not that anything like that ever happened before. :man_shrugging:


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Bravo scopes… Thank you.


Now… make this permanent.


Very good move.

I made full use of it.
Although it was alittle sad to devalue some old toons.


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