Thank you for 6v6 war! when is 4v4?

This is such a great move by scopely. This game is dying and its becoming so hard to find people motivated to even play with these shitty prizes. I give it 2 months before we will need 4v4.

65 of the top 100 players has quit lol.


3 vs 3 is where it’s at , marvel vs capcom style but instead of getting a raid refill for 3rd, you get uncommon gear


By that time the game will be DEAD lol

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1v1 is next


4v4 makes more sense than 6v6 can wise lol

when does 0 vs 0 make the list :slight_smile:


1v1 better than 8v8 :wink:

Can’t wait. 1 vs 1 is where its at! lol

Would also funny as shit when the other person hits search and then goes inactive.
Good times. :rofl:

They could lower the number of attacks and refills to 3 and then it would be even for the 6x6. :wink:

isnt 1v1… raids…
the game is dying so fast. After the holiday’s people just started to quit left and right. Glad i didnt spent any money on this shitty game. =)

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Nope it’s an all out war exactly as it is now except you have yourself in one camp and the same for the enemy. The rules stay the same for the most part with a few minor tweaks:

1.Scout time is now 36 hours followed by 1 hour of play time.
2. We will increase the cool down between attacks to 20 min.
3. All rewards are now replaced with wood.

Keep on surviving! :metal: