Thank u scopley for Princess

I can’t see why some players complain about Christmas event.
Scopley already give a vrry good reward . A f*** awesome toons not a 6* but an S class
I know it’s not meant for f2p to get the S class but at least a 6* version will help a lot .
And maybe f2p will have a chance of getting an S class princess later in 2020 since scopley says princess Cards will be available in the future.
So stop complaining about how bad the event is and enjoy the f#### game .
I know scopley’s event lately were like ##### but this one seems pretty good so far .
I do say good work to peoples when they do good work . So good work scopley
And I do say bad work when they did . So scopley your latest events where as bad as ##### except this one keep it up and maybe you will restore some of the players faith .
And I can see that alredy happening some retired players are coming back after seeing the event. Check forum your self.


Bro this event is a trash .michone event is better than this,and we are in end of the year, another games have a lot o events free and very good rewards but scopely only pay things,this game is dying event after event.


Cost money get her s class and 6s are ■■■■■■■ useless now days? unless you have doc…


You immediately contradicted yourself, gg.


oh boi a 6 star that does %800 will barely do anything to pete oh wow bonus hp again tell us how its useful?

more daze would be useful…

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Well the 6 stars are slightly useful seeing how they r used to get the s class and by your logic I shouldn’t have got priya raulito laopo because I would have been getting 6 stars and they r useless

Someone give this OP the heimlich, he’s choking on this giant turd scopes called an event.


If you manage to do the mystery letters you get 1 teddy every 3 days. Total during the event is 10.

Highest hats drop in Arena is 100 (or at least thats what Ive seen). Lets say average you get is 75. So 75x5x7 = 2625 hats per week. Thats another 5 per 2 weeks. Total during event is 10.

Roadmap gives 4 teddy.

If current SR is an indication to how many hats we get till the end of event, it’s only 600. Maybe 1200 per week? Thats another 4 teddy at most.

If Im not missing something its a total of 28 teddy that is possible to get for free.

Ok, you can get more hats from arenas, but if you average 75 hats per successful attack, you would need 85 tickets to get the second Princess.

Edit: Basically, if you manage to get 25 teddies, you will end up with 1 5star Princess and 750 Princess cards (total of 27.5%. Doesn’t feel like a Christmas event. But some people like it :man_shrugging:


hahaha F_lag it all you want kid…

Thanks for doing the math there.

They should at least give the 2 5*s… we need to ascend them, so 16 fodder and rare ultra rare gear… then level them… a looooooot of trainers/resources plus gear that we’re short of… and theeeeen get the remaining cards… So… Yeah…

We’re totally fucked…

As soon as this shit finishes and I get to help my faction in the next 1-2 wars, come new year and I’m gonna leave the game, it’s settled.


This is just so wrong they gave us a 6* toon in a S-class era for a Month ish long Christmas eventIMG_2449


players coming back what fking planet are you on, since this event started I’ve seen and lost players, just wrong bro wrong, it’s a fking :poop: event, open yours eyes​:joy:


@Toura - Thank you for the feedback :slight_smile:

Enjoy your s class after z class is launched.

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Now read all the other comments that slate it


I would take a 2 * with that active skill

It’s a 4 weeks event . If a f2p can get 2 5* princess in the 4 weeks. The event is perfect for me .
Cause you have a 100% chance of getting the S class later . Maybe 2 or 3 months later but you will soon or later

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Bro let’s face it the S class was the best solution for many problems. Yes they made 6* somehow useless but I would take a 2* toon with that active skill . All I need is the active skill. I have other toons who can finish the job

Im dont know if i continue playing the game for 3 mounths

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the game is 100% have vs have nots… as time goes by Scopely stance on the matter is becoming clearer. They should have given the f2p a chance for the sclass. be it through grind or atleast through RNG. That would give the f2p hope and keeps them playing.

not allowing us to get access to the premium letters at all, basically says FU to the majority of the player… FFS its the holidays… show some spirit…

I do hand it to Scopely though, for being transparent about their greed and lack of care towards the players.