Text window obscures almost everything


When I want to post a reply to a topic, or start a new one, a window appears in which I type my text. This window obscures almost all of the button used to post the reply. In addition there is a box containing the text “choose optional tags for this topic”. This box obscures the first two lines of my text reply, so if it wasn’t for the identical text field on the right of my screen I wouldn’t be able to see what I was typing. And why is my text duplicated on the right of my screen anyway? And finally, the box containing the text formatting buttons obscures the box in which you type the title of your post. So all in all, creating a new topic and posting replies is not easy because of some kind of display problem I’m having on the forum.

I’m on iOS 11 on an ipad mini 4.

Thank you.


I’ve solved the issue myself, but thanks for your input Scopely.