Test tubes offer - No test tubes

Watch out before getting this one


Fine for me…

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Thats a different offer lol

its the only offer i have called test tubes

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For awhile some didnt have donny in the tower while others did, not surprising with scopely. YOU may not have this offer yet others may have it.

More than likely the OP doesnt have the current offer the sage has. That bag and its contents are generic place holders

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Correct, it is the only one labeled test tubes that I see. It’s better that it’s not a game wise issue I guess, but still, always double check before getting these things

Can see in the background the reg test tube crate offer

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All in all tho, its a great offer, buy now before its too late! :roll_eyes:

Wait, how is it the only Test Tube offer you see yet as @How2Zombies pointed out, you can see in the background of your screen shot that there is a

Does this allow short video clips? I wasn’t scrolled all the way over when I selected the more icon to see inside the crate. The crate changes to the bag in the image. I just checked again and it’s still the same

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gotcha, we all good now

Who would buy an offer without properly looking at it? :confused:

Based on the many many threads I’ve seen here, I’d say many people do


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