Territorys is out of Control!


Everyone if we could get JB.Scopely in chat till he comments on this id be happy but i think my region has the worse walker problem all but 4 territory are walkered

please @JB.Scopely do something about this give us league points for clearing walkers just cause your region is fine and dandy in territorys does not mean others arnt this is a problem that is affecting the whole region PLEASEEE.


Actually you have all but 4 Territories that aren’t walkers


i would go for banning a player for 7 days for dropping 3 territories and at the next 2 a perma ban.


Fixed it thanks Lol


this form system is crap dw


Carefull what you say.


Yea dint know this game was rated G its 2018 ppl need stop being butthurt


I cant even post a problem without being flagged


Are you kidding me?


Check devs tab u see whos doing it.


stop talking dirty dude


What dev tab.


And what did i say wrong lol.




Its not the devs apparently just someone on the fourms


Pretty sure it’s JB lol


@Plagueis were you going to say something?


It’s more so glitches/crashes than it is actual players purposely dropping them to walkers




Oh boy i cash 9/10 been kicked for not hitting them coz am not wasting my time lol.