Territory's are certainly confusing



So today I have just realised that clearing walkers from territories has becoming much more poorly built than I thought as once I have clear walkers there is always a small amount left (usually between 1-7) which shouldn’t this mean you have to clear the 7 walkers not 43 that magically appear out of nowhere which should minimise the stage to be one stage not 6.

Secondly they should give the same omount of walkers to clear and then add it up to make it even instead of forcing people to waste one energy for 7 or so walkers which tuts out to be 43.

Finally, # stop the crashing it still isn’t fixed.

Play nicely guys, girls and others this is my first official forum post. :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree 100% territories needs to be fixed and replaced with something that works. It’s crazy they think that people will pay monthly without even fixing clearly broken parts of the game


@JB.Scopely what’s your opinion on this I’m curious to what you will say about this?


Scopely logic.

7 walkers left on territory = 40+ to take the territory.

Seems legit if you ask me.


They want u 2 waste anuva energy to kill 7 walkers should be 7 not 40 tho agreed


It annoys me as it just makes it drag longer than what it does and it like a chore clearing them out and it isn’t massively rewarding.


You can flee after killing 7 walkers and it’ll still count


Didn’t know that thanks but still you should still have to waste energy on doing that.


Blue Carl to the museum is certainly more certain. Sorry had to.


Truth is your probably right carl will be in the museum before they even start to fix territories.


math ain’t their strong suit, but they know how to count money

buy buy buy


They do this to make you use one more energy, hopefully spending more.


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