Territory Updates Video


After a lot of out cries for a change or something positive to happen for Territories we finally get something. Check out the video and let me know what you all think about this change.

Do you think this will do the trick or will we end up in the same situation as before?


I’m sorry for saying this in a hars h way, but they fixed shit…
It’s almost like just giving a plaster to stop the bleeding when you someone just cut off your arm.
In short, the walker issue will still persist.
People with moan with a good reason.


Does nothing to stop people from walkering every spot out of spite. No one is going to add def because no one wants to clear walkers for no trophies just to give someone else trophies.

This does nothing to fix the problem.

Only way for things to even have a chance to go back to the way they were is to give trophies for every hour a faction and individual holds onto a spot. You can still award them for attacks but without awarding them on def no one will bother to add defense.


I somewhat disagree, this makes it easier to clear walkers from the crits when some twat drops them before you want to craft.


Yes but it still won’t solve the walkering problem and it sure as hell does not encourage anyone to stack defenses.


I dont think crics ones have been the problem
it’s all the other terrorties that no one wants to hold


You haven’t seen my region. At least 10 times a day crits are walkered because of idiots. And they blame ‘the glitches’ :joy:


Crits are one of the main problems now.


damn u have it bad, cric seem to be ok in our region, rest goes to walkers


The glitches are real. But Scopely won’t fix it because it burns people’s fuel for no rewards.


I know they’re real, I’ve experienced them myself… But 100% of the people that dump terros in my region saying it was a glitch? Nope. Not believing that sorry


Thx, for the video!

Overall the problem was only spit in a half. For the example the territory cabin we need now 4 energy to clear 60 walkers with the decrease of walkers killed per energy. Before the update it was 400 walkers with i think 8 energy used to clear walkers.

The best solution for league points should be still energy used in my opinion.


Or they could do it like the war towers:

if its empty, its free, if its occupied or you wanna stack, that costs energy