Territory strategy question :)

Hey everyone,

I have a general question about territories and a certain approach I keep hearing about. It doesnt make much sense to me but truth be told when territories started I had taken a short break from the game. Personal reason, but that’s not the point :joy:.

So the question I have is…

I keep hearing some factions are putting in 1 person defenses. That just doesn’t make sense to how that could be effective. I did do a search through the forums to see if this topic has been brought up… maybe I’m just missing it if it has. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.


when any team dies in defense, a person can revive a single toon by coining, which doesnt require any futher territory energy. Thats how people put 1 toon team in territory. As mentioned by Burly its a dirty tactic.

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Ohh, okay well that makes sense. I appreciate the clarification… I wasn’t thinking about that angle. I was doing so much Scopely math while forgetting a key component. I appreciate It!

You need to place a full team but then you can coin a single toon. Making this a 1s means low cost and takes 1-2 more energy for your opponents to clear. So for a grand total of 100 coins you can cost others 10-20 energy

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Ohhhhh, I see… oh yea… that is dirty

It’s a stupid system and was brought up when territories came out. Look where we are now. Haven’t seen any use of it beyond the launch.

That’s probably why I was clueless seeing as it’s not actively used. I don’t care for it in that case. I really do appreciate the insight

Hm didn’t know they changed the cost cause territories is yet another dead asset in terms of events. These special territories sit in the unused pile next to the blue scavenger missions.

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If my faction has a bunch of teams in a territory, and we are trying to keep it but not alot of people are able to be on and defend it when another faction does an attack, we normally just coin back a 1 or 2 star on each team until the faction that attacks it get tired of wasting energy on one toon. It is a good and annoying strategy to defend a territory that always work.

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Yeah now would be the time since team strength is relatively the same. These token events would be the time to do so but oh well.

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Wow, thank you everyone… seriously great info… i now feel like a noob… lol. Seriously territories just arent high on my priorty list but the fog on a lot of things has been lifted. Awesome input!