Territory stamina lost not equaling -900 as stated


Not sure if this has been brought up @CombatMan @CombatDevIl I attacked a territory dealing -900 stamina but it only dropped at a ratio of -600

These attacks were directly 1 after the other.

You can see that it only dropped the stamina 3k per attack when it should have been 4500k


The toons have only 600 total stamina. The excess is simply lost.


Thank you!


The longer they hold terry, the bigger the damage dealt to them?




My faction has that bonus. It doesn’t seem to work on defense. Or it isn’t displaying properly. Still says -100 for us.

And agreed on the player council, though I’m guessing the input from them would be handled much the same way as the input from the forums is: documented, communicated, but only selectively acted on and implemented.


We actually own a group of 4 that give the overall bonus of increased stamina damage. I’d think this would apply to all areas in that group as long as we own all 4 areas. It doesn’t seem to.


You are absolutely right! Kicking myself for missing that.