Territory’s help


Has any region found a way to be able to play territory’s without the board either being white or all on timers, since leagues is here territory’s have just been a shambles with everyone attacking everyone no1 can hold an area for more than an hour, no one adds teams either and they then fall back to walkers and no one will clear no trophy’s for killing the dead, we are trying as a region to work out a better way, but it’s very slow and thought I’d ask and see if any region out there has worked out how to make it work I’d be very interested to see how others work round it thanks


Not mine, but damn!


Let the devs sort it out , was working fine before


No, they weren’t


Just lost 3 Territory fuel because the app crashed after I attacked. Bloody wish they would fix that first.


Unless it’s for crafting I’m done with that glitch mess


7 out of 10 fuel lost to crashes. Submitted another ticket to support only to be told it’s a known issue. FFS are we going to get compensated for all the lost fuel?


As in there was no reason to deal with the bullshit, now there’s a reason and it’s all coming to light how broken it was/is


That’s the thing tho, they weren’t, territory’s have been glitchy from the start, and by adding them in leagues hads just killed them, they have been broke from day 1, so why will the devs fix them now


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