Territory’s bug


So keep trying to get territory’s add 3 teams capture the area goes blue leave the screen go back in and boom lost territory’s


Does it go back to the walkers?


Hey @mountkay

I’m a mate of @tucky247, he’s been trying to reply to you but his account is blocked. He’s having the same issue, putting 3 teams in and it’s glitching straight back to walkers as soon as it’s gone to his faction.


Ok there is another thread on this. So you are not alone @tucky247



Wicked, thanks MountKay, I’ll let him know :slight_smile:


The devs have been unable to reproduce this glitch though, so any extra information you can give would be helpful


Okay, once he’s back online, I’m sure he will. He just wanted you to know that yes, it goes back to walkers straight away.


We are having the same issue within my region. @kalishane


Another bug me and my faction mates are facing is disconnecting a lot during the attack.


Yep. Happens a lot to me. And most recently, I’ve been attacking and then when I’m done my game just restarts.


Here is the other thread with the Dev responses.


How can it be a low repro scenario when so many people have the issue :joy::joy:


I’ve had the same scenario here you can see it entered contested status and then was over run by walkers we had many teams placed that all dissapeared wasting everyones energy and even coins for some.