Territory refills


Territory activity has been way up in my region due to faction assault tickets. In the past 4 months, the only way I have seen territory Cans was in an overpriced offer. Territory cans should at least be added to supply depot. Also open for other suggestions



Definitely need other ways to get them besides buying them for 200 coin a piece


I personally wish they didn’t sell them at all. Territories shouldn’t be a “daily cost” and I’m glad it isn’t here. I’m of the mind that if you can’t take what you want without spending for it, you shouldn’t take it.


You’re from the #1 faction don’t you? :sweat_smile:
You still can coin reviving your chars


Yeah, we hold and share crit, so it’s a non issue for us anyways. My point was that territories is implemented to cause players to spend a little bit every day. It’s a death of a thousand cuts sort of system. If you’re spending coins to get 20% extra survivors for a couple of hours, you’re making a mistake. If you’re spending coins to get an extra 80 assault tickets, you’re making a mistake. If you’re going to spend money on this game, characters and weapons are much longer term investments than pretty much anything in territories will get you(if you’re weak enough it takes coins to get it) because you can’t hold it forever. That’s just how I see it


I get it, but scops prolly will stop reading your post after “coin” :thinking:


Maybe, but hopefully the users will and will think about it.


You say add to supply depot but has only one else not had raid or world cans drop in the depot,last 3 weeks they haven’t for me it’s been another 5* toon or weapon,have they now taken away this as well.


That’s weird. Every time it refreshes I get either world or raid can. There was only once where I got a toon in that slot


I get what you are saying. I personally have never spent for territory cans as I don’t see the value in it either. My point is due to all of the renewed activity in territories, and the fact that it refills so slowly. It would be nice to have a way to purchase them from the depot or some other means.


Yeah, supply depot isn’t unreasonable, same like war cans could be in there. I was more referring to them being purchased for coins.


I hope they don’t add them to supply depot. I like the cans they have I don’t need 200 territory cans. There would never be enough use for them daily.