Territory popups

Let us turn them off. Even with as many other problems as this game has. They have to be the most annoying thing in the game. Just get rid of them!


You can literally open territories and exit out of them all at once in less than two seconds

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We should be able to turn off notifications. It is so annoying especially first signing on, there’s so many from terrs swapping every hour

It has, many times

Unless you open in a different screen, like SR or roadmaps and you can’t click buttons to move to town because the popups own your screen and don’t allow you to click on territories, or if you open day when the prestige rewards for the day pop up and you can’t hit claim because the notifications come nonstop.

Other than that, yes you can go into territories and x them out

Or just do what I told you, open the territory tab first and close them all out at once lmao :joy:

You misunderstood, sometimes when you open the game it’s already in a screen and you can’t just jump over to territories

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Needs sorting.
Pops up for minutes at a time. Crazy

Lol people complaining about this being brought up before. I have a question for you. Has it been fixed? Oh, it hasn’t? So since I didn’t see this as a topic on the first page I thought I would continue to bring it up so they can continue to see that it is annoying af and can maybe do something about it. This pisses me off multiple times a day and needs to get fixed


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