Territory pop ups

Please, get rid of the territory pop ups. They’re not only incredibly annoying, but they get in the way of playing the game. At least give us the option to disable them. Please. Pretty please. With sugar on top.


What they said above @JB.Scopely

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I shouldn’t have to go to the territory screen to stop the incessant pop-ups telling me all the things that have occurred since I last logged in.

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I shouldn’t get a notification on my phone that my faction just captured a territory when I was the one who took it.


Dont say that, they’re going to remove all notifacations again

…5 minutes AFTER you’ve taken it, no less! :rofl:


They could remove all notifications. Like towers in war. I don’t need to know if I’m not in the war party. And if I am I already know.

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Lol…the funny thing here is that you get notifications for towers even if you are reserves! Like you can change something xD.

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or the lag tells me the territory ive just done 12 hits on to take has now been contested but upon further investigation it was already taken and is 6 minutes already into being shielded

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We get a push notification, a pop up upon entering the game (which restarts my game every single time), and then finally the pop up when you actually enter terry section. Do I really need to be notified 3 times about each terry switching hands 10 times an hour?

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This! Can’t stand the territory pop ups, restarts my game most of the time. I don’t need to be notified of territory loss or gain in 2 places. I will get those notifications when I open territories.


You will suffer until you quit bee ches xD

some kind of new chess with bees instead of figures?

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it shows they dont play their own territory game!

scopely please - make a character, join an active faction, leave the account for one day, open the game and boom, youll know it… we should kill the damn territory pop ups!


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