Territory *Poll*

In territories you do more damage based on how long a faction has been holding a territory. So after a certain point, it’s actually better to lose the territory and retake it than it is to replace exhausted teams. (Someone said this to me, not my words)

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We basically exchange the terris with the faction holding the other one if theres two. Lvl-up xp, player xp… no ghosting here. :wink:

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I believe this is simply called ‘ghosting’.

What is wrong with adding 1*-2* to the territory if you have the energy and getting the stamina up to 100k+ and if they get exhausted replace them with more 1*-2* to bring it back up to that stamina level, as long as you have the energy. A lot of people don’t give a shit about territories and don’t want to be bothered with them and won’t even add defense teams, or replace them to give the attacking factions a hard time. I think Scopely should just take away territories period, since all people really care about is the armory bonus territories.

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Do you care about territories besides the armory bonus territories?

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I make too big of a deal over territories and nobody seems to give a shit about them.

Makes a difference if I need 200 2* to level a toon or 150 2*. Better for basically every resource.

a faction can hold 30 people. all toons 1*-6* have 600 stamina each. 5 toons on defense in a territory will have 3000 stamina total. each attack will take away 1500 stamina. 10 attacks will cause 15k damage. if all 30 people in the faction added 1 defense team each, that would be 5 toons out of their roster each, and equal 90k stamina total. if everyone added 2 teams of 5, that would be 180k stamina total. 10 1*-2* from each member of a faction of 30 if they added 2 teams isn’t going to interfere in level up for them. Nobody wants to get on the same page. I just get more excuses than anything.

Talking about the two terries which give extra xp when leveling your toons. Instead of needing 750 2* to get a 5* from t1 lvl1 to t4 lvl80, i’ll need only 500 if I hold these. No contras. Thats way less food, gloves/shirts, Survivors and time needed.

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5 to 15 1*-2* in a territory isn’t going to make or break you. You are one of those guys that always has an excuse huh? Well maybe someone will agree with you. Plus I don’t know how you managed to sneak level up in there, but you did.

You’re not understanding Unknownnn. He’s just saying that besides the Armory bonus’ (that your poll is based on), he also really likes the level up territories and the player XP territories.

With the level up territories, he would need less 2* characters to level (500), than he would without them (750).

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Yes, I understand that. She didn’t refer to that 2nd poll though. I also like those territories, and would like it if the faction I am in would make it a priority, but the faction I am currently in and the last one doesn’t care one bit. They aren’t really showing any drive or initiative and could care less about territories. Those territories should be a priority during level up, and the whole faction should be on the same page to get those territories. She didn’t really explain herself well enough, I was just expected to understand what she was getting at with brief explanation. It sounded like she was making excuses at first for why she wouldn’t want to use some toons and put them in a territory because of level up going on and she could use those toons to level up another toon. I am sorry about that @Unknownnn

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No problem. I hope you’ll find a faction who’ll use these advantages. It’s my third fac right now and the first who uses them. Really makes a difference.

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Yep. At 600 damage let it go if it’s being attacked hard. Wait the hour and regroup and then take it back from them. Now your back to taking 300 damage. Rince and repeat.

I’m sorry but I don’t think you are understanding me right. If I attack once it does 1500 damage. each toon has 600 stamina. each attack takes away 300 stamina from each toon, totaling 1500. so a team will have to be attacked twice before it is exhausted and you have to replace it. it is always the same amount, you cant inflict 600 damage from each toon in 1 attack. i worked out the maths lol and I know and if I am not right then anyone can correct me if they would like. I do think I know what I am talking about though.

No the stamina increases… starts at 309, then goes to 450, then 600, and then 900 (not sure why 900 is needed. I assume they planned on releasing toons with more stamina…

Big difference between 300 and 450 and 600 obviously since it only takes one energy to remove a 600 damage team.

Honestly, territories is such a chore. We used to fight for the armory territories but now we have a region wide agreement not to stack. One team per territory. Works out nice, you see even the 10th ranked factions with them now when they never got them. The only one really that’s stacked now is the level up territories and the xp ones during survival road (although most players are already 125 so that one will die down).

Others with benefits are the world energy and the farming ones (extra survivors and extra items).

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I will have to look over that again. Would be nice if we had a territory guide or a few fine folks to put one together. Just based on the damage calculations and all the small details and whatnot and which territories to take if you want a boost when attacking other territories. I would put one together but I don’t think I would do a good enough job at it. I might give it some thought though but I don’t see many people that even really care about territories.

They designed territories with the increased damage over time so no one faction can set up shop and hold it forever.

300 x 5 = 1500 so the defending team loses half health 3000-1500=1500

600 x 5 = 3000 so the defending team is dead 3000-3000=0

Another example 100,000 defense at 600 damage requires 33 hits but that same spot fresh at 300 damage requires 66 hits.

Therefore do not waste time defending a spot that is taking 600 damage if under heavy fire. If its just a few hits then go ahead and replace otherwise let it go and retake it. Simple math.

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yes its simple math, but i failed to notice when teams were taking 600 damage. so with the original poll that started this thread, you agree? nobody ever explained this to me and leaders dont explain this either and nobody in the faction corrects me so im just left to believe what i believe because nobody wants to be helpful or explain and its always quite. thanks for the info.

Yep that the cool thing about having a forum like this. People can share knowledge and help each other out. You can now bring this back to your team.

So in regards to the original question then yes. Once you see the damage at 600 and above and you are under heavy fire go ahead and let it go. They only need to use 1 hit to remove the defender. At 300 and 450 they still need to use 2 hits to take out a team so it is easier to defend. When my faction used to care about territories we would do some quick math and only attack when we had enough hits plus a dozen extra in case they tried to defend it, That way you will almost always get the spot. Now we don’t care so we just knock out a weakly defended spot and see how long we can hang onto it for some tokens.

Oh, and as for who to use on defense it really doesn’t matter against any decent faction so go ahead and use one or two-star toons if that’s all you got. Five star teams will only stop the younger factions. One and two stars still take 1 or 2 hits to remove it just like a 5-star team will.

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