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(Sorry if this has been suggested before) Reducing walkers in territories was a huge help, but there’s still a big problem with territories being blanked and few players want to be the ones to clear the walkers because they’ll just get blanked right away, either by human opponents looking to boost their league points or walkers as soon as the shield clears. Would it make sense to give league points for clearing walker-infested territories to give a little more incentive?


Tbh territories are completely useless besides a few. I personally wouldn’t be bothered if scopely removed them altogether,it’s mostly just people hitting and dropping even tho they could just set a team.


I agree they’re relatively pointless. I’m guessing they won’t be removed any time soon though. I’m just trying to think of a way to improve them a bit to eliminate everyone waiting until some unsuspecting victim decides to take the time/energy to clear walkers only to become a target for others to get league points. The player that cleared the walkers gets a few measly tokens for the trouble


League trophies are intended to reward PVP, not PVE. It’s unlikely they will ever give league trophies for clearing walkers. It’s too easy to manipulate.


Fix the glitches is better idea then points for walkers


Glitches? There are no stinkin’ glitches…the game is flawless


Maybe, but there’s gotta be some kind of incentive for players to take initiative to clear the territory of walkers. Otherwise it’s pointless to use the energy just so others can take shots at you to get league points of their own.


Or they could remove league points for all territory fights, walkers or not.


Remove league scoring from territories all together… or give us 5 defense teams instead of 3… 10 energy = 5 teams x 2hits and it would be equal… but everyone has more energy then defense teams so stuff gets walkered.


No more defense teams unless I get more team slots on my roster.


Tbf even stacking in 1s or 2s is better then leaving it to walkers… everyone has those in their rosters


Removing points rewards for territories could work too


Yes, leaving weak teams in is fine to hold the territory until the shield runs out, but nobody in my region does it because if there’s less than 12k points (4 teams) defending, it gets overrun by walkers anyway.


Team slots. We only have 25 and I’m constantly swapping them around because I need more.


Save 3 slots just for territories and just change the team before applying it… its not hard. Less annoying then clearing Z’s constantly and hearin people bitch about it,no?


The suggestion was to give us 5 defense teams for territories. My response was that IF they do that, then I want more team slots.

Yes, of course I keep 3 slots for territories and swap them out. Giving us 2 more defenses takes away 2 more team slots.


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