Territory is resetting game


Ever since the last update (9.1) the game keeps resetting after a defense of mine is kicked from a territory. I had no such issues before this update.
Also, the bug where the territory is being overrun by walkers just after it’s conquered is still there.


Cool, sometimes it’s resetting when a territory becomes overrun by walkers also. I just love territories.


9.1 is out for beta?


I had an update last week so I guessed it’s 9.1 (it was 39MB). My bad if it’s not 9.1. I’m on android btw.


I’ve had this problem since territories where introduced. Would appreciate a fix.


we are on 9.0.6 atm on both android and ios, thought you are in beta :smiley:


I had no idea that last week’s update is 9.0.6, thanks for the info. Anyways, ever since I updated it to that version it started resetting.


This week mine is not resetting as much, go figure