Territory Holding Mechanics

So I have a quick question about territory mechanics.

I have previously killed 105 (out of 120) walkers in a territory, placed 2 teams and yet still been kicked by another faction whilst waiting for an energy refill.

How is this possible? I thought that the faction that kill the majority of walkers take the territory?

I have seen other factions holding territories (waiting for an opportune time to take them) by not killing the last walkers. I tried attacking at the same time as another faction mate, we killed 17 to start, then we attacked at the same time killing 51 each and yet the territory flipped to the other faction.



You did it correctly, you just got bugged by the awful territory glitches, 6 months and counting to fix


It’s a feature of territories, it teaches you to never expect good things in life because others will take it from you.


Much like the NFL



Over 6 months to fix territories, 6 hours to “fix” Andrea


Territories have been bugged for a very long time. The feature doesn’t appear to bring in any cash for scopely, so they have no incentive to fix it.

Does it not go into a contested state if they place teams too? Seems weird for it to just be a ace. If it skipped the contested state, then bug fo sho

It’s a bug, happens to me often. Another one is when I lay an attack on a territory and then lose it while I’m in the process of assigning a defense. It says the territory is no longer available. That shouldn’t happen since I was allowed to attack it

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The second part of that could be because some other faction capped it while you were deciding on a team. Like musical chairs, too slow placing.

Again though, what is the proper flow of events? If two or more factions place teams, should it go to contested between said factions? If it is just a race of killing more zombies then why even place a team if its designed to award the faction who kills more

I would think that if I get to attack then I should be able to place a defense and then it go contested. It doesn’t make sense that someone else attacked and got a defense in faster because if u try attacking while someone else is it won’t let u. It says the territory is currently under attack then it won’t let you attack

Either it’s a glitch or just crap game design. I’d believe either

If it’s taken from walkers there is never a contested. I always thought it went to most walkers killed as well but could be wrong on that, but for sure never seen a contested coming out of walkers.

It’s a race. Whoever clears most Walker’s gets territory provided they place a team except for limited time territories, those go to contest if all involved place a team.

Except when you’re the hare… and you’ve led the entire race, killing off 95% of the walkers, placed a team, but are biding your time to cross the finish line…
But then that darn tortoise comes along and kills the last 5%, rewrites the rules, and claims the territory.

Stupid tortoise…

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regarding mechanics, shouldn’t tokens be rewarded right when the timer expires?

I’m not talking about clearing walkers. This happens when it’s occupied.

If you dont place a team and kill 100 zombies someone can come place a team and take it. If you place a team and kill most zombies it shoulf go to you no contest.

That Feels dumb, I have never paid attention

Feel like it should apply the same if your clearing pvp teams then, but it doesnt

It is dumb. Ive actually gotten a terr for killing last 8 zombies and putting a team in the other faction never thought if im clearing all these zombies may as well add a team…the whole system with Terrs is become stupid. Between idiots who think they are helpin themselves in leagues by walkering terrs to the glitches its a pain and frankly im over it. Ill burn a few raid cans for league points if im desperate :joy: