Territory ghosting. What's happening in your region?



Hi all,

We have a ‘territory ghosting gate’ scandal brewing in Dekalb at the moment - It started with the league trophies and has been gaining momentum.

I thought I would come to you lovely people to find out what’s happening elsewhere and what the general vibe about it is.

3 questions:

  1. What is your region called and what is the scale of the ghosting?

  2. Marks out of 10 for the reaction in your gc? Where 1 is Zen :slightly_smiling_face: and 10 is full on rants in gc every night :rage:

  3. Do you think it’s an issue if it’s not the weapon tts?

As ever, always grateful for different opinions - thank you


Hi again,

  1. Dekalb and I’d say about 60% of the tts are ghosted (all the trash ones)

  2. Drama level is currently a solid 8… the ‘vote for me for governor’ campaign has started and I think the Make Dekalb Great Again merch is already in production

  3. Not sure if it matters - doesn’t for me at least but I now get that it is annoying for lower facs farming tokens. I think it’s individuals doing it rather than some kind of fac conspiracy which then equals low drama in my head


Scopely needs to implement league trophies into removing walkers from territories, not just player teams.

My region at least adds teams when attacking so they’re not always ghosted, but it happens more often since leagues became a thing.



5 whole territories with more then 10k defense. 75 percent walkers. Drama level high as everyone points fingers but really it’s the people who just want to watch the world burn. Even important territories like world energy and survivors are not safe.

Ordered faction to not bother reinforcing or placing anything outside the three free teams from attacking as we have been feeding everyone else since leagues began. Now I barely even place teams to avoid crashes that waste my time and energy.

So all round I guess a c-


Yep that would immediately fix it


Better yet, no league trophies at all for territories


the wonderful gentleman responsible for this in dekalb


Update: I take it back :angry:


Im mostly pissed when they walkers the crit tts the others are a bit meh


Play in two regions both territories are ghost towns. As I said before its a mess and needs changing. So stupid right now tbh


The dude who’s doing this is also a fac leader if you can believe it


Could not care clear them like a normal player or shut up tbh


Same everywhere. Hope scopely do sometings un order to give points when defending…


Ben Hill - I gave up on territories. We dont bother stacking anymore. No point in it. Apparently all other factions feel the same way.

We have tried to communicate and organize in leader chat but nothing is working.


Everybody’s dropping territories because when they put teams in they’re dead shortly after, many of our territories have dropped but nobody wants to claim them. High School’s been dropped for almost a day now, at this point factions are only holding on to territories they need, not what they want. Sucks!


Yes, territories should be excluded from League Points


Cleburne. It varies on how bad it is. We’re averaging about a 50/50 walker player ratio but most player ones are very lowly stacked.
There’s GC fights every night now. I’m probably about an 8 since I’m a hardass about it, but I’m not raging. More passive aggressive lecturing. It’s earned me the titles of Region Hall Monitor and Region Dad (I much prefer and actually kinda like the latter).
Yeah, it’s an issue. People like me that prioritize the region 1st are stuck clearing walkers, getting dick all for it, being ridiculed in chats for trying to fix shit, and then it just goes to walkers an hour later so some dickhead can get his meager league points.


I couldn’t be worse. I stopped looking in the GC a few days ago, but even in the Winston Leader Chat it’s all about it.


Same on french servers


Oh wow at least you have people putting in the effort,our map is white as hell.