Territory fun and games

We worked with instead of against our top factions and got to hold one quite a bit. I think what would make this a lot more enjoyable? Open a whole bunch like this weekend only open say 5 more. The big ones will have to hold their territories and be able to refresh their teams. Theirs no way they could hold all of them. And with the amount of s class collectibles out, it shouldn’t be hard to put one per territory. Lol. With say, cans (not territory, they have to make money) or something else that ppl like , gear, trainers… This makes the most sense to me. My problem with it this weekend was my terrs keep closing. Back to reload screen and that messed me up at some critical points. It would be nice to see that bug in there fixed. But overall I had a okay time with terrs. What could they do to improve it in your eyes?

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