Territory for new buildings

We have enough free territory to build new buildings. There were no additions since the start of the game! Let’s think about what kind of buildings we could put on the new territory? Just an extension? Or something radically new?


The addition of mods has somewhat helped alleviate the abundance of wood but my vote still goes to the (somewhat smaller) bonfire.

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A 3rd armory.

What would be nice to have is decorations. Most mobile games allow you to decorate your towns, yet this one does not. Being able to change how our towns look would be nice to have. (Though implementing this would require lots of effort so likely will never happen)


Now you have gone and done it…

We heard how most of you will spend money on just about anything so we are proud to introduce new cosmetic town skins. For the low low price of $99.99 subject yourself to RNG bags and chests for that .03% chance to get the skin or item you actually want.*

  • not a real thing. keep surviving. :smirk:

yes :rofl:

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Seems to me I’m just guessing at some point town hall will go up to higher level to add rest of buildings

Yes, soon … after 5 years!

There we’re plans a loooooooong time ago to take the town hall to lvl 30 which would include 2 more town expansions. Those never came to fruition so we see what there is…

Maybe they will pull gold radios thing with us put it in play for a little bit then shut it down

Mod scrap generator would be nice

I’ll take anything but a 4th workshop

There already is 4

1 can be turned into armory atleast that’s what they let me do long a go

Houses can be turned into armories not workshops.

So how do I have 3 houses and 3 workshops

see 3 and 3

I think with 1 build spot you get the chooses

Hmm, didn’t realize that. Guess I’m salvaging a workshop.

With 3 houses you can hold up to 330 survivors good for when you farm Sanctuary stages

How about a Casino where other players can gamble coins ---- no wait we already have one in the daily offers :slight_smile:

Perhaps a large cannon you can fire at other towns during war to level down their buildings!

I saved the best for last - A Gold coin smelter - produces shiny new coins each day!