Territory exploit must be stopped immidiately

so in Our region one of the factions are exploiting the crit succes weapons territories hard. by taking them leave 1 or 2 teams in there and then abandon them after 50-55 minutes having 4-5 people of the faction ready to take them back. a faction shouldnt be able to tak back the territory from itself. this could be fixer easy with a cool down like there is on towers during wars. please fix this so all factions have equal opportunities.

Factions are also doing a similar thing by abandoning a territory under attack and, despite other factions having stacked it with defence teams, it returns to walkers and they can compete for it.

Bugged bugged bugged

Try to make a deal with the top factions. That way you don’t spend a lot of energies in territories + everyone sharing it is definitely free stress.

that was declined by top faction and 3rd strongest faction here

also just a 5 minute cooldown on attacking after abandoning a territory would solve the issue

If you know when it’s going to happen, why not be stacked and ready to take advantage?

problem is we dont know exactly when its happening. where as the holding faction does… which is Much easier to coordinate i cant ask 5-6 guys to watch a territory for up to an hour to wait for the shield to drop. where as if there were a cool down… it would prevent the faction doing so…

You’ve said it yourself, they do it with 5-10 minutes remaining on the shield. That’s a small window, something y’all can be ready and waiting for. Additionally, if y’all put in the work to take it, you’ll then have the same advantage and can play the same game they’re playing. In my faction, we say all the time, we don’t do anything new, we just do it better.

yes but in theory could ve 40 minutes could be 20 could be 5 … why not just put in a cool down… and instead of arguing for what a faction could do . could you please tell me why you should be able to take it from urself?

Because it is a valid strategy and it’s something easily countered. You’ve already said they do it within a small window of time, but you’ve followed up by saying you don’t want to put in the effort of watching the point because they might(rare occurance by your own statements) change up the time on you.

The reason they’re doing it late into the timer is that it requires a lot of energy to retake the point, if they start doing it at 25 minutes, instead of 50, it doubles their energy costs. Rather than coming to the forum to ask the game to be patched, take the initiative on the things you can control and beat them at their own game. If this was happening in my region, it would be fruitless, because there would be half a dozen factions waiting to snatch it up. It happens in your region because you allow it to.

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its however not valid… its a bs tactic that quite contrary to what u think is Very nrg cost efficient cause u only need to put in One team to control the territory instead of stacking it to defend. and im quite sure that wasnt the intention for territories. from scopelys side. and as said it could be fixer with a small efficient cool down timer

How many energy does it take to clear walkers, roughly?

yeah this is bullshit, fact is with the territory lag, other facs have no chance even if they are sitting there waiting

Only people who complain should be banned about the territory situation. I am in a region where there are idiots holding all territory to “help” our region during crw. Tbh it won’t. Just a bunch of pansy

What region?

Wilcox is the region.

And one faction is holding all the good points without sharing them?

They just hog it for the tokens. . They tell everyone it’s a faction made to help us. Crw regardless or not our region is dead

Ohhhhhh, they made a crafting faction?

Indeed. I’ll keep hitting them regardless of my actions. People in this region do not have a want to enjoy the game as how it suppose to. Either or I’ll still be their fan